2022 Bathroom Renovation Trends

Below are articles that cover the latest in bathroom renovation trends and bathroom trends we believe will be popular in 2022 and beyond. The bathroom trends for 2022 will be one of being bold and exploring your creative side as many of us are stuck more and more at home looking for an outlet. All you need to do is click the image for the article of 2022 Bathroom Renovation Trends. 

The big trends of 2022 bathroom renovations are

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This is where Venetian Plastered bathrooms comes in with a with wow factor that you could not get before. I used to called Concrete looking plaster (not to technical) but the actual name for this style of bathroom plastering is called “Tadelakt”. Let us break down that plastering bathrooms

2022 Bathroom Renovation Trends

2022 bathroom renovation trends is no bigger than the terrazzo bathrooms as one of the biggest trends of the last few years. This is a guide to help you better understand Terrazzo in bathrooms and Terrazzo look tiles which is really is the big motivator in the Terrazzo bathroom push at the moment especially in Perth WA and Australia overall. Firstly we will guide you between actual terrazzo and if its suitable for bathrooms, then we will break down the terrazzo look tiles that we usually install into bathrooms

2022 Bathroom Renovation Trends

So can it be done? Can we you use a freestanding bath or a non bricked bath as a shower bath? Let us at Small Bathroom Renovations Perth help you out and get the most out of your small bathroom with this trend of the non bricked shower bath set up.

2022 Bathroom Renovation Trends

There is a growing trend all over Australia of shower screens that have a curved or a rounded edge. In Perth WA we are getting on this rounded/curved fixed panel shower screen trend. I personally think whether it is the Arch Shower Screen or the curved fixed panel shower screens they add a softness to your bathroom. So let me just show you some pretty curved and rounded shower screens below to peak your interest for you next Perth bathroom renovation.

2022 Bathroom Renovation Trends

We all hate grout. From the first day mum made me clean every single grout line in our shower for skipping art class at school when I was fifteen to now twenty years later and thousands of renovations under my belt I still hate grout. The reason it is often hated is due to the fact to rarely stays the finish you intended which is where VJ Panels come into play. In 2022 bathroom renovation VJ Panels will be the biggest trend you see.

2022 Bathroom Renovation Trends

Brushed brass tapware and brushed nickel tapware are two of the most popular newish tapware options on the market. They both offer a warm finish in different ways but mostly they feel less cold compared to the chrome and black finishes. If you also wanted to check our brushed gold tapware which we will ever so much popular in 2022 bathrooms check out this article

2022 Bathroom Renovation Trends

Corner baths or corner freestanding baths are by far the most popular bathroom we do in 2020’s this is because of the obsession to cleaning we all have. If we can make a space look great and function better everyone is on board for this. There are some hidden issues with this type of bath that we cover in the cons section that you will want to be aware of before you select a corner bath as well we will give you some positives and really what the biggest trend in what there use is going forward.

Corner Freestanding Bath
Corner Freestanding Bath

No glass shower screens, are exactly how they sound. They are a tiled partition which is usually a bricked wall that looks like a shower screen without any of the glass. One of the biggest trends of 2022 Bathroom renovations will be less glass!

No Glass Shower Screens

The pros and cons of curved vanities is a pretty simple breakdown. I think this type of vanity would love to be very popular but I feel there will be a big obstacle in the popularity of curved vanities in Australia. With the 2022 bathroom renovation trends what you will find it is all moved towards curves baby.

Pros and Cons Of Curved Vanities

We all hate a rusting shower shelf, I say this as almost every quote that I do these days the first question someone will ask you is “Can I have a shower niche or that shower recess?

It is touch and go to whether you can have a shower recess it all comes down to is it on an external double brick wall or how far you want to go to create that.

2022 Bathroom Renovation Trends
2022 Bathroom Renovation Trends

2022 Bathroom renovation trends will be aimed at making the best out of your bathroom whether they be small or just trying to create an oasis out of your bathroom 2022 will be full of optimising the space. I think the 2022 bathroom renovation will be one of the best time to renovate your bathroom due to how much access and affordability to make your dream bathroom in Australia.

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2022 Laundry Renovation Trends
2022 Laundry Renovation Trends

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It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at smallbathroomrenovations@gmail.com

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  1. Hi Jimmy, loving the information you renovated my sister bathroom so I have been following your awesome work for years. Honestly wanted to know when you say 2022 bathroom renovation trends are all about curves does that count with tiles?

    Thanks 😊

    • Hey, Linda thank you for the kind words! So tiles are very tricky there is a push for more hand made finishes and multi-shaped tiles so what I would say is it might be curved exactly but it would be anything different is on-trend. Hope that helps a little

  2. Hiya 🙂 do you know much about this living tapware I saw on the block I was wondering if it would date or if it was something that would last I saw you doing 2022 bathroom renovation trends but you did not have anything covering it thanks again.

    • Living brass tapware is stunning but can be a little risky as it will change over time which is not everyone’s cup of tea, you often have to sign a waiver making sure you are aware of this when you buy so be careful.

  3. When it comes to 2022 bathroom renovations what I wanted to know is are round freestanding bathtubs going to be popular I just decide if I like it or not 😦

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