Top 5 Bathroom Products Australia

Top 5 Bathroom Products

Welcome to my Top 5 lists I provide every year for bathroom products that I have used or highly recommend to me through my 20 plus years and 1000’s of bathroom renovations completed.

None of these top fives are sponsored and only based on my opinion that I feel is the best products for the everyday renovators to use. We will cover every product you can imagine for your bathroom and help first-time renovators or experienced renovators navigate through this crazy world of bathroom renovations in Australia. So let’s get into it. All you need to do is CLICK THE IMAGE for the full posts

Top 5 Concrete Basins In Australia

This list will be breaking down the beautiful bathroom product of concrete basins. Very popular at the moment these concrete sinks are what I call the tier 3 of bathroom renovation products but they are pretty close to the final and fourth tiers. Tier 3 bathroom renovation products like concrete basins are for adding luxury to your bathroom but are not going to break the bank completely. These below are my top 5 Concrete Sink Bussiness In Australia making bathroom sinks.