Beginners Guide To Small Bathrooms


Welcome to the beginner’s guide to renovating your small bathroom. This page is dedicated to giving you the best advice to help tackle your next bathroom renovation regardless of how small your bathroom may be. Below are the 10 articles we have curated to help you get the most of your small bathroom and we hope we can help you in any way to not make the little and big mistakes we have made over 30 years of renovating. 

Beginners Guide To Small Bathrooms
Beginners Guide To Small Bathrooms

These articles will hopefully save you money on your next bathroom renovation and when you are renovating your first bathroom you are always wary of making mistakes.

What we will cover 
  • Bathroom Shelving Options
  • Number 1 Tiling To Avoid  
  • 7 Practical Tips 
  • What Lights Work Best In Your Space
  • Great Storage Ideas
  • Barn Doors For Small Bathrooms
  • Open Shower – Pros and Con
  • Before and Afters

Best Small Bathroom Shelving 

Welcome to the wonderful world of bathroom shelving. In this post, we won’t be covering those rusty shampoo caddy’s or those tiled soap dishes that are more likely to cut you than last as a soap dish. We are covering the three types of bricked shelving you will get in the best small bathroom renovations. Let Jimmy guide you on the best small bathroom shelving below. CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE BELOW to help your small bathroom shelving problem!

Best Bathroom Shelving For Small Bathrooms

Tiling To Avoid! For Small Bathrooms

When you have a small bathroom that you are renovating the key for this bathroom is to get the most out of it. This whole website is dedicated to helping you the renovator get the most out of your small bathroom. When it comes to most small bathroom renovations the biggest part can be the is tiling so when I say this tiling is something you should avoid I am mostly saying you should take this advice into consideration. CLICK THE LINK BELOW

Blue and Yellow Cyber Monday Tech Poster (5)

7 Tips For Small Bathroom En-suites Perth

For most of us, we are all trying to create more space in our homes. The reality is our bathrooms have an overflowing drawer of make-up, deodorants, razors, spare toothpaste and those sample size amenities we take from hotels, with the thought that they’ll be useful for the gym or our next holiday (but never actually use!) This article covers 7 Tips for helping with your next ensuite renovation in Perth. (CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE)

7 Tips

Lighting Tips For Small Bathroom Renovations

Let’s face it in an ideal world we would have big natural light and a monster amount of space in our bathrooms but this is not always reality. Sometimes or most times we are stuck with a room where we are lucky to find a second spot for that partner’s toothbrush let alone a beautiful wall of natural light so this is where we are here to help. The big focus of the writing below is on what we call Task Lighting which is a room with limited space is the big priorities. (Click Here For Full Article) 


Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Storage is king in small bathrooms, the big problem for small bathroom renovations is that you want storage but you cant always have it. Often you are lucky to have a shower and a decent vanity let alone anything else but let us pass on some hard earned advice on how to get more storage for your next small bathroom renovation. (Click Image Below For Full Article) 

Shower Niche

Small Bathroom Doors – Barn Door Set Ups

One of popular renovation aspects of ensuites and small bathrooms over the last few years are barn door sliders in bathrooms. So why are bathroom sliders so popular, well it really comes down to two reasons. One they look pretty awesome, the second is we are all looking to get space from our bathroom spaces so the idea of taking a hinge swinging bathroom door that you need to hold your stomach in to get past and replacing it with a barn door slider that you can easily roll into the bathroom like a king is really driving the appeal. The article below covers the pros and cons of barn door sliders CLICK HERE or the image below. 

Pros and Cons Barn Door Sliders
Pros and Cons Barn Door Sliders

Bigger Showers For Small Bathroom

Most modern-day thinking towards small bathroom showers is you want to do a fixed panel open shower often called a walk-in shower. It is called a walk-in shower because it often has no bricked base and no door with the idea you walk straight in without touching anything amazing right? Yes and no! They are great for small bathrooms but they do have two big disadvantages we coved below. Click Here or the image below for the full article. 

7 Tips (1)

Before and Afters – Small Bathroom Renovations Perth

Like Oprah would say, you get a before and after, you get a before and after and you get a before and after. Below is some of our before and afters from bathroom renovations to help with your next small bathroom or ensuite renovation  (Click Full Image Below For The Link)

Before and After - Small Bathroom Renovations Perth
Before and After – Small Bathroom Renovations Perth

Small bathrooms are a pain for whoever is renovating them. Every day we look at them and wish they were bigger for either a larger shower, a double vanity or maybe a gorgeous freestanding bath. The reality is for most we won’t be able to fit those items in the space they have but we can definitely make you forget you don’t have those items with a beautiful, practical space the utilizes every aspect of the space. At on the ball bathrooms we have done more small bathroom renovations then we can count so if its on trend or a practical idea we have done it. Believer me when i say we are the small bathroom renovation experts in Perth and we are happy to help with the planning even if we are not doing the bathroom renovation as we are always happy to help.

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. At on the ball bathrooms we love feedback so let us know what you think with a comment below or if you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia

Contact: If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at


Small Bathroom Renovations Perth Designer

Klara is probably the best bathroom designer we have ever worked with and I would recommend you contact when putting together your next bathroom renovation. Just mention John from Small Bathroom Renovations Perth set you her way and she will look after you. She does book up quick though so get in quick.  (Click The Below Image For The Link) 

Selling, Buying or Managing Your Rental

Are you looking for a real agent to rent our your property or looking to sell? The best real estate agent we have ever used is hands down is Thomas Orton, This guy is incredible we have no hesitation recommending him just let him know John from Small Bathroom Renovations Perth sent you his way and he will look after you just click the link below and trust me you wont have any regrets 🙂

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