The Best Small Bathroom Shelving

Welcome to the wonderful world of bathroom shelving. In this post, we won’t be covering those rusty shampoo caddy’s or those tiled soap dishes that are more likely to cut you than last as a soap dish. We are covering the three types of bricked shelving you will get in the best small bathroom renovations. Let Jimmy guide you on the best small bathroom shelving below.
Shower Niche - Bathroom Shelves
Shower Niche – Bathroom Shelves
We will be covering the three OG’s of bathroom shelving which are.
1.Shower Ledge (Wall To Wall Wall) 
2, The Classic Shower Niche 
3. Nib “Don’t Call Me Old” Wall

Shower Ledge (Wall To Wall Wall)

Exactly as the weird title states, this is a wall that goes between the shower walls or across the entire bathroom. The key to this getting the heights right and understanding the placement of the items it affects. Below I’ll give some quick notes to look for when attempting the wall. Both examples below are slightly higher for the use of in Wall Toilet Systems.

Often the shower ledge is placed in the shower area or across the room like the below and above examples. The best part of a shower ledge is that it can almost be put into every bathroom configuration making it the universal small bathroom shelf. It does have its own cons though like its effect on the rest of the room which we cover below.

Shower Ledge - Small Bathroom Shelving
Shower Ledge – Small Bathroom Shelving
Shower Ledge - Bathroom Shelving
Shower Ledge – Bathroom Shelving
CLICK HERE below for a bigger break down on the shower ledge.
The Shower Ledge

2, The Classic Shower Niche 

The shower niche has been the go-to shower shelf for the last 5 years, just slightly being overtaken by the shower ledge the shower niche is a great idea for someone with a small bathroom as it eats into your wall space, not your floor space.

Shower NicheThe biggest con of the shower niche is really not all bathrooms can have them. You need a double brick wall or a deep fibro spacing to fit a shower niche so unless your bathroom is on that window wall most of the time you won’t be able to have it.

Shower Niche Wall To Wall
Shower Niche Wall To Wall 2


Below we give you a deep dive into the pros and cons of the shower niche. CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE BELOW

The Shower Niche - Get One If You Can
The Shower Niche – Get One If You Can

The Nib Wall

The nib wall is a bricked and tiled wall that goes between the space of the vanity and shower. It is built to the height of the vanity and just slightly short of the width to allow for the shower screen trim in most cases. The reason it is done to the same height is to create a seamless look, often tiling the nib wall in the wall tile so it almost looks invisible.
Double Nib Wall
Double Nib Wall
You can build them as high as you like but the purpose we recommend it for is one of being practical not a feature. The nib wall allows for a custom screen to go over and down the wall eliminating the pesky gab previous spoken about.

Shower Niche Wall To Wall

Tile Them In The Wall Tile As It Often Makes It A Nicer Finish
Of course, there are always shelving such as glass shelves, long shelves, and corner shelves but often these bricked typed shelving will last longer.

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at

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