10 Innovative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs

There are thousands of articles that will give you small bathroom ideas, or small bathroom designs you can use. My list is based on thousands of small bathroom remodels I have done that work and few I have done but am not convinced they will work these ideas are also modern and based in the 2020s and will keep you on trends for at least a decade.

Small bathroom remodels or small bathroom renovations by their nature are already working at a deficit so it’s up to us the bathroom renovator to help you get the most out of the space. Now some bathrooms are actually small and some bathrooms people will tell you are small there can be a difference but regardless the outcome is generally always the same. So let jimmy the bathroom guy help you with some great pointers you would only get from trying, failing and trying again as I have.

1: ALL IN A ROW (Makes Small Bathrooms Bigger)

This is my biggest bathroom renovation tip I can give you when it comes to renovating or even planning your next bathroom. You want to get all your big-ticket items I am talking about, toilet, shower and vanity (if you can fit a bath all on the same wall we got a bigger bathroom here) all place in a line on the same wall. Let me demonstrate this point with the image below.

Below is a bathroom renovation I completed where the owner no longer used her bath. She hated it and much preferred a toilet instead as they only had one in the house. Anyone who has only had one toilet in a house of 5 people will tell you that the bath is not the priority.

Small Bathroom Remodel Designs
Small Bathroom Renovations
Small Bathroom Remodel Designs
Small Bathroom Remodel Designs

What we did for the bathroom above was the ALL IN A ROW bathroom renovator technique mentioned above. The key to this technique and getting that small bathroom to be bigger is you need the wall space to be able to do it all on the wall. Let me help you further. Below is the quick sizing guide to see if you can do this.

Sizing you need to make the All In a Row Bathroom Work

Minimum – 2.2m Wide x 1300mm Deep (600mm Vanity, 750mm Toilet Space and 750mm Shower Space)

Innovative Small Bathroom Designs
Innovative Small Bathroom Designs

Why this small bathroom technique is innovative is down to the fact it will give you a large shower and a room that does not feel cramped as everything is on one wall instead boxed around you.

Innovative Small Bathroom Designs
Innovative Small Bathroom Designs

However try to always put the toilet in the middle of these designs, often your brain will tell you to hide it in the corner as you walk in but from a cleaning point of view, it is so much better to have the toilet central so you can easily get between the screen and vanity. This stunning bathroom below by MJ Harris Group In Melbourne show you how this layout still works with a full screen wall to wall

Innovative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs
Innovative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs
Innovative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs
Innovative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs

2. Its All About The Curves (Small Bathrooms Feel Bigger)

Anything and everything curved is probably the biggest bathroom renovation trend we have in the 2020’s. Whether that is a curved shower screen, curved vanities or the biggest one curved mirrors all these lovely curves are designed to make your small cramped bathroom feel bigger through optical illusion or practical ones with that sharp corner vanity not digging me in the back as I bend over (I’m clumsy its one of many quirks my wife’s does not like).

Arch Mirror Cabinets
Arch Mirror Cabinets – MJ Harris Group

If you want more in depth break downs of Curved Vanities and Curved shower screens JUST CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW for so much more information.

Pros and Cons Of Curved Vanities

Pros of Curved Vanities (For The Article Click Image)

  • Looks amazing
  • Can make a small bathroom feel bigger
  • Will be the focal point of your bathroom renovation
  • Custom made curved vanities can have great side parts
Arch Shower Screens

Arched, Curved or Rounded Shower screens are going to be popular in Perth over the next few years they have already taken off overseas and all over Australia. What I do love about them is they are subtle for a feature without being overwhelming.

Curved Shower Screens - Small Bathrooms
Curved Shower Screens – Small Bathrooms

The truth about arch mirror cabinets is a two-layered truth. The first truth about arch mirror cabinets is that they are expensive in comparison to your classic rectangle or square mirror cabinet. The other truth about Arch shaving cabinets is that they are not always the easiest item to find.

The Trust About Arch Mirror Cabinets
The Trust About Arch Mirror Cabinets

3. Barn Door Sliders (Small Bathrooms Less Cramped)

Barn door bathroom sliders are exactly as they sound. A door that is on a rail that slides over the entrance of your bathroom instead of a hinged door like most bathrooms. What the barn door slider brings to a small bathroom is both the practical feeling of making a small bathroom feel bigger but also actually makes a stunning centrepiece of your bathroom.

Bathroom Barn Door Slider
Bathroom Barn Door Slider

Now there is a few drawbacks of a barn door bathroom slider and if you click the image below we break down the pros and cons of the bathroom door slider. One of the big drawbacks of the barn door slider is that it does cost a fair bit more in consideration to a normal door.

Pros and Cons of Barn Door Sliders
Pros and Cons of Barn Door Sliders

Getting Bricky With It (Using Bricks For Shelving Or Storage ) – Easy Cleaning Small Bathrooms

Lets be real, long gone are the days of the rusty shower shelf or tiled soap dish. One as mentioned would rust the other would break and almost cut your head off every time you bent over. We are now in the world of using bricks to get the shelving for our showers.

Small Bathroom Ideas - The Shower Ledge
Small Bathroom Ideas – The Shower Ledge

The reason this is such a brick recommendation for small bathrooms is often they do not effect your arm space and if you are like me (clumsy) that is what you should be aiming for.

Wall Niche - MJ Harris Group
Wall Niche – MJ Harris Group

There are two main types of brick shelving for small bathrooms. They are the Shower Ledge which is by far the most booming popular option and the shower niche which is probably the more practical of the two but the need for an external double brick wall can hinder the dream. You know the deal CLICK THE IMAGES below for the full breakdown.

Shower Niche and Why You Need One
Shower Ledge – Pros and Cons

Bringing The Heat (Small Bathrooms Feeling Luxurious)

Australia is not the coldest place in the world, well if you speak to my mum who lives in middle mountain regions of the NSW it can be pretty bloody cold but for the rest of us who dont live in these extreme location most of the cold weather is not too bad. Most of the time we live in a climate that does not ask for bathroom radiators or underfloor heating but we are here to guide you through all your options to help with that next bathroom renovation with a little bit of Luxury. The three most common small bathroom heaters are the below

Ceiling Heaters (Heat/Light/Fans) – They are perfect for small bathrooms since they don’t take up any floor or wall space. 

Heated Towel Rail – I love heated towel rails as they often function in two ways. They radiate gentle heat into the room and also heat and dry your towels.

Heated Towel Rail - Small Bathroom Ideas
Heated Towel Rail – Small Bathroom Ideas

Underfloor Heating –  Undertile heating will warm your tiles, but will not warm the room that much. It’s the most expensive heating you can add to your bathroom renovation

Best Window Type For Small Bathrooms

Often wall space is a premium already when it comes to small bathrooms so the idea of having a huge window is not always a practical wish. The idea window for your space will be wide and narrow so what is the best type of window for a small bathroom you might ask? Well the answer for me is the awning window.

10 Innovative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs
10 Innovative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs

The awning window is ideal as it is compact and ideally it has less frame. The lack of frame compared to a sliding window is a huge difference and does not create an unwanted distraction in your bathroom.

Does everything get wet in a wet room?
10 Innovative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs

You can always make it look nicer with some plantation shutters CLICK HERE FOR MORE ADVICE

Tiling Type That Makes A Small Bathroom Feel Smaller

When it comes to most small bathroom renovations they key is tiling! so when I say this tiling is something you should avoid I am mostly saying you should take this advice in to consideration.

Subway Small Tiling Designs
Subway Small Tiling Designs

I love using small tiles, but as you can see above when you do the entire room especially in a black grout it can be too much. I only love using them for impact or to soften a space. When you do an entire bathroom in subway tiling especially in a darker grout you create a very intense looking space that can be a nightmare to keep clean.

My big advice is to use only one feature wall of a smaller tile under 300mm x 600mm in and the rest 300mm x 600mm or bigger. Below is such a simple but amazing example using smaller long tiles to create a wonderful impact while using plain white for the remaining walls.

Is a wet room worth the added cost?
Is a wet room worth the added cost?

Toilets In The Shower Area – Should I Do It? (Small Bathroom Feeling Bigger)

Controversial due to the extreme nature of these types of wet rooms. On one side you have people who do not even like the idea of a toilet in a bathroom the other side of the realm is to give me as much vanity space as possible or a much bigger feeling shower and who cares about the toilet location. When you have two extremes like this you are always careful to ever recommend something like this but it is here to stay the toilet in the shower area.

Toilet In Shower Area - Open Toilet Shower
Toilet In Shower Area – Open Toilet Shower
Pros of having a toilet in your shower
  • SPACE SPACE SPACE often it is in the shower to allow for more space in your bathroom and get the most out of your small bathroom.
  • Will allow you to add a freestanding bath or bigger vanity
  • Allows for you to have more room to move with the screen being fixed panel and no need to have a door

For the full article and break down CLICK HERE BELOW if you are contemplating this layout

Toilet In Shower Area – Is A Good Idea?

Matt Tiles Add Softness But Mark Like An Etch A Sketch

For a small bathroom, we are looking to add a bigger feeling to the space so the idea of a white tile can be a great idea. My advice from laying a lot of matt white tiles is to tell you that yes they add a level of softens to the space and really make your other features pop and yes they will have that natural feeling when you touch them but here’s the but and the big but they will mark easily.

10 Innovative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs
10 Innovative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs

When you lay them you have to be so careful not to even touch it with anything remotely sharp or they leave marks all over them. Its the same with just general where and tear if you have that solid matt white its the type of tile that will attract all those messy hands.

10 Innovative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs
10 Innovative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs

So I get it why everyone puts them in there bathrooms from a style and design point of view but always be wary of durability.

Don’t do a shower bath unless you really, really have to!

So the biggest feedback I have had over the many years of renovating bathrooms is the hatred for shower baths or shower over baths. Not to list the many reasons why but generally the two biggest hatreds is the cleaning of them and constant going from high to low heights while being wet and trying not to slip.

10 Innovative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs
Small Bathrooms – MJ Harris Group

I understand you might only have enough space for a two-item bathroom which is a shower section and a vanity in those cases you need to decide if you really need a bath or you could live without one. Deep down will you need it or could you buy a portable bath to put in the shower when you need to bathe a child,

MJ Harris Group – Small Bathroom – Shower Over Bath

My advice is never to have a shower bath if you do not want one, people will tell you to have them for resale but often people who buy these homes tell me to take them out so try to never base your lifestyle decision on that but if you like then have one. If you are going to have a shower bath try the latest trend of the freestanding shower bath. At least with this you as an adult can bath in them and it becomes more appealing. JUST CLICK HERE BELOW for full break down on this.

In conclusion there you have it our 10 Innovative Small Bathroom Ideas and Designs that will help in your next small bathroom renovation. We hoped we have helped in any small way we can. If you are looking for more advice just sign up to our month newsletter or check out our almost 200 related articles that covers every aspect you could think of laundry, bathroom and toilet renovations.

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at smallbathroomrenovations@gmail.com

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