The Truth About Arch Mirrored Cabinets

The truth about arch mirror cabinets is a two-layered truth. The first truth about arch mirror cabinets is that they are expensive in comparison to your classic rectangle or square mirror cabinet. The other truth about Arch shaving cabinets is that they are not always the easiest item to find.

Three Birds Renovation - Double Arch Mirror Cabinet
Three Birds Renovation – Double Arch Mirror Cabinet

However, ladies and gentlemen that is all changing, the boom of the curved bathrooms is on its way and I am all here for it.

The Truth About Arch Mirror Cabinets
The Truth About Arch Mirror Cabinets

So now we established the two truths of rounded mirror cabinets let me break it down for you further.

Arched Mirror Cabinets
Arched Mirror Cabinets

SHOW ME THE MONEY (Cost of Arch Mirror Cabinets)

The cost of a normal 500mm x 900mm arch mirror cabinet is going to cost you close to $1000, I know what your thinking that’s expensive but you have to take into consideration that there is just not a lot of stock out there. I remember when to get a stone top for your bathroom costs thousands and now it only costs a couple of hundred dollars.

Curved Mirror Cabinets
Curved Mirror Cabinets – Three Birds Renovations

It already starting to come down in cost as the popularity grows over time with some places offering closer to $500 but the sizes can be smaller.

The reality of Arch Mirror Cabinets is that you rarely get anything bigger than 900mm and you cant put them next to each other in a line like the more rectangle ones to make up a larger space.

Arch Mirror Cabinet
Arch Mirror Cabinet – Three Birds Renovations

Downsides Of Arch Shaving Cabinets

The biggest downside as covered above is the cost, the other downside of arch mirror cabinets is the lack of stock as you can only find a handful of places that sell the cabinets.

The other big down side for me is you do not really get much storage behind them. Often like the ADP cabinet below which only has half the actual size of the face for storage behind them.

Arch Mirror Cabinet
Pill Arch Mirror Cabinet

Often this can be frustrating for anyone who is trying to get storage and for the cost it can be disappointing but the reality is to make a rounded backing shape the same as the front is a big task and most likely even more costly

Arch Shaving Cabinet
Arch Shaving Cabinet

Personally I love arched shaving cabinets, I think they look incredible and add a softness to the bathroom like all curved or arch products. If you are thinking of getting one and can afford it for you next renovation I would highly recommend. The two most popular on the market is the Pill From ADP and the KADO from Reece. Just click the names to take you to the links.

Arched Shaving Cabinets
Arched Shaving Cabinets

If Arched Mirror Cabinets Is Not Your Thing Check Out Rounded Mirror Cabinets

Rounded mirror cabinets are their cousin to the arch mirror cabinets. They will probably never be as popular due to the lack of backing storage you get with these and the lack of size for larger vanities but they do look beautiful and the Cirque from Rifco below is the most popular round mirror cabinet I have seen out there. They sometimes can have the cut in the middle which I am not the biggest fan of and what I like about these rounded mirror cabinets below is that is offsets the join to allow for a larger mirror focal point.

Round Mirror Cabinet
Round Mirror Cabinet

Last but not least (Arch Mirrors)

We have pretty much-covered everything about arch mirror cabinets above so they pretty much all apply to the arched mirrors but mostly without the cost unless you are trying to finish wood or brushed brass finishes then you can start having issues. The arch mirrors really do add a wow factor to a bathroom renovation you can not get with the boring rectangle cousin.

Arch Bathroom Mirrors
Arch Bathroom Mirrors
Arch Wood Mirror
Arch Wood Mirror
Brushed Brass Arched Mirror
Brushed Brass Arched Mirror

For all things curved or rounded just click the images below that will take you to some awesome information. I have tried to cover all these items as they have become popular so check them out if you are curious about creating this type of renovation or bathroom remodel.

Arch Shower Screens (Complete Guide)

Over the last few years there is a growing trend all over Australia of shower screens that have a curved or a rounded edge. I personally think whether it is the an arch shower screen or the curved fixed panel shower screens they add a softness to your bathroom. So let me just show you some pretty curved and rounded shower screens below to peak your interest for you next bathroom renovation

Pros and Cons Of Curved Vanities

The pros and cons of curved vanities is a pretty simple breakdown. I think this type of vanity would love to be very popular but I feel there will be a big obstacle in the popularity of curved vanities in Australia.

Pros of Curved Vanities

  • Looks amazing
  • Can make a small bathroom feel bigger
  • Will be the focal point of your bathroom renovation
  • Custom made curved vanities can have great side parts
Pros and Cons Of Curved Vanities

All rounded bathroom items are here to stay, whether that will be for the next 2 years or 10 years it is hard to say. I know like the trend of black tapware it was rare, expensive but by the time it was showing up in the bunnings own tapware range I knew it had finally reached a peak. The key for any new item in renovating is asking yourself if the item goes in your space and if you will like it a few months from now. Whatever someone tell you about renovating let me tell you this never do something for resale value that you dont like or want to live with as you never know what the future brings or how long you will be in that house or what the next person might even want.

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at

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If you have any questions about arch mirror cabinets or rounded mirrors please leave a comment below and we will hopefully get back to you in the next 48 hours πŸ™‚ happy renovating.

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