2023 Bathroom Renovation Trends

2023 bathroom renovation trends will be one of being bold. In my 20 years of bathroom renovating, I have never seen so many bold ideas and concepts as you will have in 2023. This coming year will be full of one-off trends I call them. I call them one-off trends as they can really be hit and miss so it’s important to understand what you are getting into.

Below we will cover the 8 most popular 2023 bathroom renovation trends you will come across when attempting your next bathroom renovation or remodel. The below image but the amazingly talented Cote Interiors really shows pretty much every aspect of 2023 bathroom renovation trends

These Bad Boy Trends Are In Brief

  • Wall To Wall Walls
  • Curved (Screens, Vanity and Mirror Cabinets)
  • Groutless Bathrooms (VJ Panels and Venetian Plastering)
  • Sqaure Tiling Trend
  • Wall Lighting Is Perfect Lighting
  • Real Wood Vanity
  • Copper Tapware
  • Impractical Bathrooms
2023 Bathroom Renovation Trends
Cote Interiors

No More Nib Wall – Shower Wall Is King

The nib wall was a wall we use to do between the vanity and shower to create a better use of space. As I will cover in a later section we now no longer do this instead of the nib wall or the ever-so-popular shower niche the shower wall or shower ledge it is known has now become the most dominant shower shelf you will get.

So why is the shelf now the most popular bathroom shelving we will do? Well, it comes down to two reasons for me.

2023 Bathroom Renovation Trends
2023 Bathroom Renovation Trends

The first is you can pretty much put them in any bathroom. Unlike the shower niche, you can put a shower ledge on an internal wall single brick wall or behind a bath or in a shower area. It’s extremely versatile form of bathroom shelving and going into 2023 all we get asked is where and when can it be installed.

Zephyr and Stone
Zephyr and Stone

The second reason is you can make the shower ledge a feature. The most common style of making it a feature as you can see below is the bathroom floor tiled in the same tile as the wall and a feature tile above it to finish it off. I personally love it and feel it’s a much better feature than the back of the shower niche.

Small Wet Room @samb0s
Small Wet Room @samb0s

If you are looking for some more information on the Half Wall CLICK HERE for a complete break down including pros and cons of having a shower half wall and the downside you really need to consider.

2023 Bathroom Renovation Trends
2023 Bathroom Renovation Trends

Wall Lighting – Let’s See That Beautiful Face

Bathroom wall lighting is the one of the biggest issues and must haves for a bathroom that I always get asked about during quotes and leading into 2023 bathroom lighting will be the number one bathroom question I will get asked. You have two practical types of wall lighting for a bathroom.

2023 Bathroom Renovation Trends

The traditional wall lighting is probably the most effective bathroom lighting you will put into your bathroom. The biggest issue really is most people want mirror cabinets so you really need to plan out the spacing and the type of finish on your wall lights. MJ Harris group below do the best wall lighting in bathrooms I have ever seen.

MJ Harris Group

When it comes to LED Mirrors the LED lights are surprisingly durable when compared to other lights like them on the market. These types of LED mirrors can withstand many types of wear-and-tear damage and will look great for years to come. They are certainly more durable than average light bulbs in a bathroom setting and are great for rooms with high moisture.

Small Wet Rooms @oasisbathroomsandkitchens
Small Wet Rooms @oasisbathroomsandkitchens
MJ Harris Group

My recommendation for bathroom wall lights is Beacon Lighitng (Click Here) for the link to some really great bathroom wall lights options for your next bathroom renovation. The key is all about spacing and depth finish.

MJ Harris Group

Different Tapware – If It’s Not Copper It’s Not Proper

One of the big changes to bathroom renovations in 2023 will be the use of different bathroom tapware. As the theme of this post will tell you 2023 bathroom renovations is going for bold and brushed copper is just another one of those bold steps.

Copper tapware is the newest tapware on the brushed block. With copper tapware, it has been around in different variations for decades but the brushed copper tapware is making big waves during this brushed tapware renaissance so we will give you what knowledge we have for this elegant tapware. Below are some beautiful examples but you need to see it person to make that decision.


Some pros and cons of this type of tapware are easily broken down into one pro and one con below.

Just In Place - Brushed Copper Bathroom Renovation
Just In Place – Brushed Copper Bathroom Renovation
  • Really Warm Tones – Copper tapware provides a natural feel that very few bathroom tapware can provide and If you are worried about cleaning all brushed tapware like the copper tapware hides marks a lot better in comparison to the chrome tapware finish
  • Variety – So probably the biggest con with any new tapware is you do not have a lot of options in the copper tapware, this really impact more your accessories etc as match everything can be a nightmare
Just In Place - Brushed Copper Bathroom Renovation
Just In Place – Brushed Copper Bathroom Renovation

2023 bathroom tapware trends are one of being bold, whether that is the copper, white, brushed brass or brushed gold it all makes an impact. We are moving away from bathroom tapware such as black and chrome with the brushed nickel becoming the most popular bathroom tapware in 2023. The best place to buy tapware for me if you are looking over Australia is ABI click here to check out all there tapware including Brushed Copper.

Real Wood Vanities – Got Wood?

I love real wood vanities, something about touching real wood in a bathroom is really therapeutic and also feels like it belongs.

The key though is cost. We would all love to have the best of the best but really it always comes down to cost. Real wood vanities are not cheap to make as they take a lot of work and materials to create a vanity that will be sustainable in a bathroom over the long haul.

You are also adding a labour cost to a product so its important to note that these vanities are not going to be under $1000 when we are taking about real wood.

Just In Place
Just In Place

As property prices increase around Australia people are putting more money into their bathrooms the need for better finishes in the bathroom becomes a must. The real wood vanity is the ultimate in vanities products and as so will be a huge trend in 2023. Be careful though with real timber vanities for your bathroom often they can cost anywhere between $3000 to $8000 depending on the size and the finish of the vanity but honestly are so worth it

2023 Bathroom Renovation Trends
2023 Bathroom Renovation Trends

The two most common types of real wood bathroom vanities I have installed in bathroom renovations are the Blackbutt wood vanities and the Oak Vanities. Below are a few examples off these real wood vanities you can use for your next bathroom renovation.

Blackbutt wood vanities are so damn beautiful and light.


The Tasmanian oak is the other and close to the finish of the blackbutt but comes in a few different variations which you only real notice in person not as much in images.

tasmanian oak vanity Perth
tasmanian oak vanity

Jarrah bathroom vanities I like but can be a little dark depending on the finish and is not everyone’s cup of tea like this On the Ball Bathrooms Vanity below.

Jarrah Vanity - On the Ball Bathrooms
Jarrah Vanity – On the Ball Bathrooms

Below is an example from the block and easiest place to buy wood vanities for a bathroom renovation through out Australia for your 2023 bathroom renovations. If you are looking at buying some real timber vanities around Australia the best site for this is the block shop CLICK HERE and check out that beauty below.

The Block Shop Real Wood Vanity
The Block Shop Real Wood Vanity

Still VJ Panels – Why won’t You Die!

VJ Panels or Bathroom Wood Panneling as it can be called are not only all the rage for bathroom renovation trends they are the number 1 trend for all bathroom renovations we do.

Eco Outdoor - VJ Panel Bathrooms
Eco Outdoor – VJ Panel Bathrooms

Our love for grout alternatives such as wet walls and the VJ Panels (TIMBER-CLAD WALLS) are pushing through the love for VJ Panels. WE ALL HATE GROUT!

As more builders and renovators become more comfortable with using this product we are seeing more and more VJ Panel bathroom renovations.

2023 Bathroom Trends - VJ Panels
2023 Bathroom Trends – VJ Panels

The number one question I get asked is CAN YOU USE VJ PANELS IN YOUR SHOWER?

The ANSWER… NO and Deifitnely No But….

However, the best panel to use in your bathroom is Easycraft Wet Area Interior is an ultra-high moisture-resistant Panel, suitable for interior wall & ceiling linings in bathrooms, laundries and the kitchen. At this point in time, you can purchase them from Bunnings so they are really accessible. CLICK HERE for the product we are referring to in this post.

Bathroom Trends 2023 - @our.kotara.cottage
Bathroom Trends 2023 – @our.kotara.cottage

If groutless bathrooms are where you are looking for your next bathroom renovation in 2023 another alternative is the Venetian Plastering bathrooms. Click Here for a full break down on this style of bathroom renovation and check out this awesome bathroom below that uses venetian plastering instead of tiles and NO GROUT!.

Ruin X - Venetian Plastering Bathroom
Ruin X – Venetian Plastering Bathroom

Square Tiling – Its Cool To Be Square

Square tiles are exactly as they sound they are tiles of square nature ranging from 50mm to 150mm mostly. Once you go bigger than the 150mm really you are just putting in tiles that look like they are straight out of the ’90s or early 2000’s which had the classic 200 x 200 Tele Tubby colours.

Stables Bathrooms – 2023 Bathrooms

One of the big reasons the smaller square tiling is becoming the popular choice for feature walls as it can create an awesome grid feature in a tile that you love. It The multi-coloured tiles create a depth in space you won’t get from larger tiles.

The main reason you should not use square tiles in your bathroom is if you don’t like a lot of grout in your bathroom. As mentioned above you will have a lot more smaller tiles in comparison to the 300mm x 600mm or 600mm x 600mm tiles which use a lot less grout so if you are not looking to have a lot of grout then it is probably best to avoid small square tiles in your bathroom and this trend it not for you

Stables - 2023 Bathroom Renovation Trends
Stables – 2023 Bathroom Renovation Trends

2023 biggest tiling trend will be square tiles. The days of herringbone and vertical stack bond are numbered the square stack bond is the future

My favourite of the tiles is the Newport Matt White which you can find at Tile Cloud by clicking Here these tiles allow you to have an impact without overpowering the room.

ABI Interiors - 2023 Bathroom Trends
ABI Interiors – 2023 Bathroom Trends

Era Of Curves – All In Those Curvy Hips

Curved bathroom fittings are the biggest trend for bathroom renovations in 2023. We are talking everything curved even the tiles… well probably not the tiles but we are not far off it.

The three main bathroom products we will cover below are the Curved Edge Shower Screen, Curved Vanity and Curved Mirror Cabinet.

2023 Bathroom Renovation Trends
2023 Bathroom Renovation Trends

Vanities that have a rounded profile look so beautiful and when a person walks into a room they say to themselves wow that is different or wow I’ve never seen that before. Below we cover some pros and cons of curved or rounded edge vanites as well as vanity we recommend from our own use.

Pros of Curved Vanities

  • Looks amazing
  • Can make a small bathroom feel bigger
  • Will be the focal point of your bathroom renovation
  • Custom-made curved vanities can have great side parts
Curved Vanities Perth WA
Curved Vanities Perth WA

Cons of Curved Vanities

  • Expensive – Curved vanities are not the most cost-effective vanity at this stage due to its unique nature it’s often custom made
  • Most likely to lose storage in the vanity to create the design
  • Benchtops will definitely need to be custom made which again adds to the cost
  • Wait times are usually a lot longer for curved vanities
Rounded Vanity Perth
Rounded Vanity Perth

Besides custom-made versions of a rounded vanity the best-covered edge bathroom vanity, I have seen that you can order straight away is the Waverly Vanity. (CLICK HERE) to check out the vanity yourself and get ordering or the image below showing off this gorgeous vanity.

ADP Vanities Perth
ADP Vanities Perth

Our next curved product has a few names. You can go with an Arched, Curved or Rounded Shower screen to cover all the options with a few subtle differences. What I do love about them is they are subtle for a feature without being overwhelming. Often shower screens can be the item of a bathroom you see the most so if you can make it a little softer you can really get more out of it.

Cote Interiors - Curved Shower Screens Perth
Cote Interiors – Curved Shower Screens Perth

The more dramatic version of the curved fixed panel is the Arch panel which we will show you that bad boy below. 2022 bathroom renovations trends will be all over arched shower screens for their bathroom renovations.


  • Stunning Elegant Design
  • Can Tie Into The Curved Nature Of your Bathroom Renovation
  • Unique and Less Dangerous For Those Tall People Who Walk Into Things
2023 Bathroom Remodel Trend - Curved Screen
2023 Bathroom Remodel Trend – Curved Screen


  • Price Is Often At Custom Made Level
  • Pre-Made Versions Are Not As Readily Available
Arch Shower Screens – 2023 Bathroom Trends

Finally, we have Arched or Curved Mirror Cabinets. New to the party but going to be around for a long time the arched mirror cabinet is the number one mirror choice for bathroom renovators going into 2023. Below are some quick pros and cons of the cabinet but if you want the link click here.

U-Neek Interior Solutions - 2023 Bathroom Trends
U-Neek Interior Solutions – 2023 Bathroom Trends


  • Allow You To Show Off More Of Your Feature Wall Compared To Bulky Rectangle or Square Mirror Cabinets
  • Goes With Most Bathroom Designs
  • Become More Avaliable
2023 Small Bathroom Renovation Trends


  • Like All These Curvy Options Cost Is A Big Issue With Mirror Cabinets
  • Pre-Made Versions Are Not As Readily Available
  • The Backing Does Not Match The Front Often Meaning That Your Big Doors Only Have A Small Square Box At The Back
Cote Interiors – Arch Mirror Cabinet 2023 Ideas

We are always happy to help you with some guidance so below are the two most popular on the market when it comes to Arch Mirror cabinets which are the Pill From ADP and the KADO from Reece. Just click the names to take you to the links.

Going Impractical – I Couldn’t Tell You Why

Lastly not but not least lets talk about the impractical bathroom trend. So I have to say when it comes to bathrooms. Show me a practical bathroom and I will show you a good renovator. Practical bathrooms are bathrooms that function in a way that flows, looks great and does not feel like it takes away from the space.

Impractical bathrooms are bathrooms that try to hard to fit everything into a space. Often these renovations have a toilet hanging off a wall as you walk in or a bath that blocks your access into the space or unneesscary walls.

I get it, homes are costly to buy and we are all looking to get the most out of our spaces but as Pinterest thrives and homeowners become more aggressive with their renovations we are not at a stage where the bathroom has now become the toilet, washroom and laundry but the size of the room is still small.

Below is an example of the type of renovation I am talking about. Nothing on the workmanship they have done a brilliant job with no fault but it’s a visual example of adding as much as you can to a space without thought on how you actually use the space.

2023 Bathroom Renovation Trends
2023 Bathroom Renovation Trends

Let me finish on this. I have been renovating bathrooms for almost 20 years and in 2023 we are going to have more ideas then ever but you need to understand renovations are not something anyone goes to school for they are learning on the job work.

My advice from all the years of doing this is not to stress about it. Rarely will you ever nail a timeless renovation but you can make the space work for you. If any of the 2023 bathroom renovation trends above work for your lifestyle or space then go crazy but don’t over do it for the sake of over doing it.

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at smallbathroomrenovations@gmail.com

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  1. Wow thanks so much for all your advice. I was worried 2023 bathroom renovations was going to be too crazy and after reading your post I can see that actually 2023 will be more classic style renovations

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