Pros and Cons Of Curved Vanities

The pros and cons of curved vanities is a pretty simple breakdown. I think this type of vanity would love to be very popular but I feel there will be a big obstacle in the popularity of curved vanities in Australia.

Let us break down the below the Pros and Cons of Curved Vanities below

Curved Vanities

Pros of Curved Vanities

  • Looks amazing
  • Can make a small bathroom feel bigger
  • Will be the focal point of your bathroom renovation
  • Custom made curved vanities can have great side parts
Rounded Edge Vanities

Cons of Curved Vanities

  • Often anything different can be more expensive will most likely be custom made
  • May lose storage to create effect
  • The bench top will also need to be custom made which again adds to the cost
Curved Vanities Perth WA

Curved or round edge vanities look amazing and really add a softeness to your bathroom space. They can really give a wow factor to a bathroom and will become popular during the 2020’s but the cost and ability to get them locally in Perth or places through out Australia will limit how much you see of them.

Curved Vanity

Curved vanities or vanities that are rounded on the edges look so beautiful and when a person walks into a room they say to themselves wow that is different or wow I’ve never seen that before. As they are quite modern and new you will always get some push back but if you love the look of them and are in a position to get one then you should definitely get one. Curves are the biggest trend in bathroom renovations at the moment in Australia if not the world so it is all about picking the right trend that suits you need and not the wrong trend that will date in two years time.

To help more on the curved from below are two more trends in the world of curved bathroom parts.

Curved Shower Screen

The curved shower screen is like the curved vanity it makes a statement. I love them I think they look quite beautiful and elegant and would be something I would have in my own bathroom if I ever renovate again. Below CLICK HERE or the IMAGE to take you to a much larger break down on whether or not the curved shower screen in your bathroom is for you or a trend you will give a miss to.

Arched Shower Screens Perth WA

Curved Mirror Cabinets

Concluding our curvy trend the arch mirror cabinets are everywhere at the moment and no where. They are either really expensive or hard to find but as the popular nature of these items becomes a lot more we are starting to see a greater availability and price reduction on these bad boys but that is not to say they are cheap. CLICK HERE or the image below for THE TRUST ABOUT ARCH MIRROR CABINETS.

The Trust About Arch Mirror Cabinets
The Trust About Arch Mirror Cabinets

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at

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