7 Tips For Small Bathroom Renovations

For most of us, we are all trying to create more space in our homes. The reality is our small Perth bathrooms have an overflowing drawer of make-up, deodorants, razors, spare toothpaste, and toilet roll lastly let’s not forget those sample size amenities we take from hotels, with the thought that they’ll be useful but never actually use!

Below we will cover 7 Tips to help with you next small bathroom renovation and how to get the most out of that tiny feeling bathroom. 

Free Quotes – Small Bathroom Renovations Perth

If you are looking for a bathroom renovation free quote and you live in Perth WA we are happy to help. Just fill out the form below and we will get back to you in the next 48 hours at the latest. Our quotes comes with a full break down and we provide you with a 3D concept to help better visualise your new space. We look forward to help you on your bathroom journey.

Pros & Cons Of Brushed Brass and Nickel Tapware

Brushed brass tapware and brushed nickel tapware are two of the most popular newish tapware options on the market. They both offer a warm finish in different ways but mostly they feel less cold compared to the chrome and black finishes. We breakdown the pros and cons of brushed brass and nickel tapware

VJ Panels Bathroom Complete Guide

CAN YOU USE VJ PANELS IN YOUR SHOWER?, Where To Use VJ Panels In your Bathroom, Pros and Cons Of VJ Bathroom Panels? We cover it all in our break down of Perth VJ Bathroom Panel Guide.

Complete Guide Venetian Plastering Bathrooms (Tadelakt)

Venetian Plastering Perth bathrooms comes in with it wow factor that you could not get before. I used to called Concrete looking plaster (not to technical) but the actual name for this style of bathroom plastering is called “Tadelakt Plastering Perth or Venetian Plastering Perth.

Using A Freestanding Bath As A Shower

Using A Freestanding Bath or Tub As A Shower can be done. When using a freestanding tub as a shower over bath there is a few things to consider and we break down the freestanding shower bath set up.

Tiling To Avoid! For Perth Small Bathroom Renovations

When you have a small bathroom that you are renovating In Perth the key for this bathroom is to get the most out of it. This whole website is dedicated to helping you the renovator get the most out of your small bathroom. When it comes to most small bathroom renovations they key is tiling so when I say this tiling is something you should avoid I am mostly saying you should take this advice in to consideration.

Can I Have A Window In The Shower?

Can I have a window in the shower is a tricky question to answer. Below we will give you brief guideline about placing a window in a wet area or shower space but please note you always want your experienced tradesman to have a look at your space to decide what works best for you.

Pro’s and Con’s Of Hobless Showers

So what is a hobless shower? and the break down of the pros and cons of hobless showers are all covered in our latest post to help with your next bathroom renovation and some of those important decisions.