3 Cheaper Bathroom Renovation Tips

We are all looking to save money it’s in our nature well for some us (my wife would say i don’t know the meaning of the word.) With that said you have come here looking for advice on how to save on your bathroom renovation, whether you are looking for a cheap or cheaper bathroom renovation we will do our best to give you a few handy tips on where you can save money.

2019 Bathroom Tiling Trends

2019 is the year for extremes when it comes to bathroom tiling. As you will see from the list below its either the trend of no pattern or all the pattern you can find. There is nothing wrong with extremes it just makes it hard to make decisions for everyday renovators below we will focus on bathroom tiling trends that Australia will be booming within 2019 and beyond.

Small Bathroom Renovations Perth

3 Tips For Small Bathroom Renovations

Many older bathrooms are small by design, especially in certain Perth WA suburbs. They were built during a time when bathrooms were thought of as practical spaces, not spaces designed for relaxation. Today the bathrooms we build have both in mind. People want a beautiful space but want that space to feed their busy needs. Generally, the smaller bathrooms in Perth are the ensuites and this is just of years of doing bathroom

3 Types Of Perth Wet Room Renovations

To start off a “wet room” is a bathroom that is designed to maximize space in small rooms by creating wet areas in the bathroom that are traditionally dry. A large drain or multiple drains are set up to take water away quickly from larger areas than normal with no shower screen set up or a non-full shower screen enclosure. If you are looking for an extensive break down on the pros and cons of a wet room set up Click Here. 

4 Bathroom Trends For 2019

We are always looking to what is next, its only natural and bathroom renovations are no different. The worry of spending money on something that will look old-fashioned is something my clients often stress about. Anyone who has ever read anything I have posted knows I base most of my suggestions on being practical. I could suggest outlandish bathroom trends like real wood panel walls or the double dutch sinks but these are not trends I believe in. Below are my 4 practical bathroom trends that will be big in 2019 renovations. 

Before and After – Small Ensuites Perth

One of the most common ways people describe their bathroom to me is how small it is. Now it could be they are trying to get the price down as much as possible or they feel it is small but often it’s not that small. On occasion, though it is how they describe a really…

Laundry Renovations Perth Before & After

There is so much choice for laundry renovations in 2018 with flat pack setups making beautiful laundry cabinets more and more affordable. If you are looking for advice on your next laundry renovation click here for our 5 best tips for laundry renovation. All the before and afters below are laundry renovations we have done in Perth,…

How High To Tile In The Toilet

I am never one to upsell on too many items involved in renovations. What’s this got to do with the headline you might be asking, well tiling higher in any room will cost you more. Tiling is one of the hardest parts of a bathroom renovation. When I first started renovating my father who I seem to reference a lot in these posts would always say the tiling is what makes or breaks a bathroom as its the detail that people will pick apart the most from any lipping, contrasting grout lines to even if the drainage is not correct it grates on a person. So if you can nail the tiling you will nail the bathroom, with that notion it’s important to understand the higher you tile the more prominent that tiling will become. I usually do a pros and cons of something on a post but this one I will do it by the most frequently asked questions on the subject

5 Types of Bathroom Renovations

As I will explain in my closing statement simply put your taste is your taste. Renovations to me are a personal experience especially if you are renovating a home that you will be living in so why not have something that you love.  Yes, bathrooms have become more modern but if your style is more the classics why not integrate both. The list below are the 5 most common style of bathroom renovation

Bathroom Heating – Too Hot To Handle

Perth has a mixture of the Californian and Mediterranean climates, with mild winters and hot dry summers. Perth is the sunniest capital in Australia with an average of eight hours sunshine a day. This is the definition of the Perth climate and I used this as an intro to emphasise we are not the coldest place in the world. In saying this why not…