Pros and Cons Of Concrete Basins

Are you looking for an extensive guide of concrete sinks for your next bathroom renovation you have come to the right place. Concrete basins are what I call the tier 3 of bathroom renovation products but they are pretty close to the final and fourth tiers. Tier 3 bathroom renovation products like concrete basins are for adding luxury to your bathroom but are not going to break the bank completely. I will give you a guide on this world of concrete sinks for your next bathroom renovation below.

Concrete Sink
Concrete Sink – MJ Harris Group

Concrete sinks come with benefits but also their own disadvantages. It can be an investment so you really want to get all the factors before you purchase them. We will start by having the pros and cons of concrete basins then we will answer your most frequently asked question about them.

Concrete Basin
Concrete Basin

Pros of Concrete Basins for a Bathroom Renovations

  • Stunning Both Ways – When I say stunning in both ways what I mean is concrete sinks looks stunning in person but also photograph really well which makes it the perfect centrepiece.
  • In All Shapes and Shapes Available– Sinks made of concrete can be designed into any shape and size you want. This is awesome if you are trying to make the giant centrepiece or something nice and petite as a supporting player in your bathroom renovation.
  • Like A Rainbow– Concrete basins can be painted using a color of your choice to go with your fixtures or tiles.
  • Limited Aftercare– Most sinks purchased online or in-store made of concrete has been sealed using several coats of a penetrative sealer which is absorbed into the concrete leading to minimal after cared needed.
  • Strength– Concrete products are super hard wearing if the name did not give it away. Like any product, if it’s maintained like normal it can last a while but often these products come with a few years warranty like most products but in reality, will most likely last decades.
  • a stunning and elegant look as it adds a unique sense of décor and style to your bathroom.
  • Can Be Repaired– Most of the time it can be easy to reseal, repair, or patch concrete.
Concrete Bathroom Sinks
Concrete Bathroom Sinks

Cons of Concrete Sinks for a Bathroom Renovations

  • Cost – Concrete sinks can be expensive which we will cover below.
  • Timing– Depending on where you purchase your sink you made need adequate time to have it made if not made already.
  • Maybe Porous–Naturally porous concrete needs a sealer that should be applied on the sink to protect it from stains and moisture. You should always avoid placing extremely hot hair straighteners on a concrete surface.
  • Random Finish – Being a natural product often there will be some variance between a sample and the finish product so always be wary.
  • Heavy – Concrete sinks can be pretty heavy so take this into account in case your wall hung vanity into a stud frame can not handle the weight.
Concrete Basins Bathrooms
Concrete Basins Bathrooms

Frequently Asked Questions About Concrete Sinks

Are concrete sinks expensive?

Concrete basins can be expensive in relation to what a normal sink would cost. So let’s break it down, your average ceramic top-mounted sink you are looking at somewhere between $150 to $250 on average to buy, a concrete sink on average is somewhere between $700 to $1250 so it is 3 to 5 times more expensive depending on what you end up purchasing.

Concrete Basins Perth WA
Concrete Basins Perth WA

Are concrete basins hard to keep clean?

Basins made of concrete are actually quite easy to clean, often they are smoothed out during the sealing process so it’s like cleaning a ceramic sink you just need to be careful not to use heavy chemicals when cleaning the sink.

Concrete Sinks
Concrete Sinks

Do concrete sinks crack?

Do concrete sinks crack? Well, it depends on how hard you hit them. Often like ceramic sink if there is a high degree of impact you will get a crack in the sinks but we are talking about hitting it with a hell of a force to make an impact on the sink itself.

Are concrete basins waterproof?

Concrete basins are waterproof and designed for bathrooms and bathroom renovations. Do not hesitate to use concrete basins in your bathroom.

Concrete Sinks Perth Wa
Concrete Sinks Perth Wa

All the images used above are from the two best concrete basin makers in Australia. They are NOOD CO and Concrete Nation. CLICK THE IMAGES BELOW TO THE GREAT SITES.

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia CLICK HERE

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