Top 5 Concrete Bathroom Basins (Australia)

Welcome to my Top 5 lists I provide every year for bathroom products that I have used or highly recommend to you from my 20 plus years and 1000’s of bathrooms completed experience. None of these are sponsored and only based on my opinion that I feel is the best product for the everyday renovator to use.

The way these Top 5 lists work is I do my recommendation from each state if possible being the major ones Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland. For this though ended up doing three from Victoria which is a hotbed of design and in the end, I do my favourite for Australia wide delivery options for you with my 3 step guide to bathroom products at the end.

Best Concrete Basins Australia – @villastyling

This list will be breaking down the beautiful bathroom product that is concrete basins. Very popular at the moment these concrete sinks are what I call the tier 3 of bathroom renovation products but they are pretty close to the final and fourth tier. Tier 3 bathroom renovation products like concrete basins are for adding luxury to your bathroom but are not going to break the bank completely. These below are my top 5 Concrete Sink Bussiness In Australia making bathroom sinks.

Concrete Basins Gold Coast
Concrete Basins Gold Coast – @4drenovations
The Best Concrete Basins Australia Quick List

The below list covers 5 bathroom concrete basin manufacturers I would highly recommend for your area.

Concrete Studio – WA

Concrete Collective – VIC

Concrete Republic – VIC


Stone & RockQLD

Nation Wide List

The places below are on my list if you wanted a national brand in concrete bathroom basins to check out.

NOOD CO – Australia Wide

Concrete Nation – Australia Wide

Concrete Basins For Your Bathroom – @bibbyandbrady

Western Australia

Concrete Studio

What I Love About Them – The thing I love about Concrete Studio is that firstly they are a local product here in WA but offer such a premium product, the second reason they are always pushing the boundaries of the latest in concrete basins in Australia. Below the Mirror Bowl is an incredible basin sink and this team I feel will be one of the big future players in concrete based bathroom products in the future.



Bowl - Floating Concrete Basin
Bowl – Floating Concrete Basin – Concrete Studio Perth WA
Mirro Bowl
Mirro Bowl – Concrete Studio Perth WA


Concrete Collection

What I Love About Them – With the concrete collective there finishes are so unique and distinctive. If you are looking for something that is a little different but high quality these are your team. I personally love the grooves in their sinks as they pop in person when you see them.



Concrete Collection – Meek Doric Rectangle Basin
Concrete Collective - Best Concrete Basins Australia
Concrete Collective – Best Concrete Basins Australia

Concrete Republic

Why I Love About Them – Like all these businesses mentioned on this list these boys are really passionate about the quality and the uniqueness of their products. What I love about Concrete Replublic is they have such a huge range of options for you to purchase not just concrete basins for bathrooms but also splashback and wall panels for something a little unique.



Concrete Replublic - Best Concrete Basins
Concrete Republic – Best Concrete Basins
Concrete Replublic - Best Concrete Basins
Concrete Republic – Best Concrete Basins


What I Love About Them – Affordability. One of the advantages of DLH beyond the amazing finishes is I feel that are very affordable in comparison to some concrete basins that are around on the Australian market. They also provide some great other bathroom products that are more towards the homeware side like candles and stone bases to place items on in your bathroom.



Sienna Powder Basin - Concrete Bathroom Basins
Sienna Powder Basin – Concrete Bathroom Basins
Lauren Mini Basin - Concrete Bathroom Basins
Lauren Mini Basin – Concrete Bathroom Basins


Stone & Rock

What I Love About Them – Variety. The best thing about Stone and Rock is how they provide you with these incredible basins not only in concrete but as the name says rock basins even wood bathroom basins. If you are looking for something special and live in Queensland check out Stone & Rock for your next bathroom renovation.




Nation Wide Options

Nood CO.

What I Love About Them – I have been using Nood CO for the last few years on a number of projects, what I love about them is their online presence, as well as their customer service which I have always thought, has been top-notch and highly recommend. I would say their range of colour as well is the big advantage for using NOOD CO for your next bathroom renovation basin,



FUNL BASIN - Concrete Basins Australia
FUNL BASIN – Concrete Basins Australia

Concrete Nation

What I Love About Them – Only recently have I started using Concrete Nation and I have been blown away by the quality of the product. They have such great delivery service which is important for anyone delivering nation wide but I love the finish and quality of that product that arrives. One note is that their Concrete baths are a little pricey but damn these things will make your bathroom have a WOW factor



Como Freestanding - Concrete Nation
Como Freestanding – Concrete Nation

Are you looking for an extensive guide of concrete sinks for your next bathroom renovation? Well, check our breakdown of the pros and cons of concrete basins. Click Here or the image below

Pros and Cons Of Concrete Basins
Pros and Cons Of Concrete Basins

Still looking for more information for your next new build bathroom or renovation check out our guide to 2022 bathroom renovation trends below. CLICK HERE or the image below.

2022 Bathroom Renovation Trends
2022 Bathroom Renovation Trends

With all products, you buy always look into three important aspects. Firstly its word of mouth, which is what have my family and friends used and what do they recommend. This is important as these people are the people you trust and are the most important part of understanding if a product can last and if it’s for you or not.

Secondly, it all comes down to feels and look. If you can buy a bathroom product that you have seen or felt its probably the second most important part of any item you use. Ordering samples from any of these concrete suppliers above is what is the booming part of the bathroom renovation industry as you can get a lot of samples for certain costings but it’s something I would highly recommend as actually seeing a colour of shade finish is so much more impactful then photos. Hot Tip I have taken hundreds of bathroom photos anything Matt based does not show the quality through images that you would think.

Concrete Basins Australia - @simonshiffsays
Concrete Basins Australia – @simonshiffsays

Lastly only spend money on bathroom products that make sense to the overall design of your bathroom. With concrete basins, they are not cheap compared to a ceramic sink so you want to ask yourself is this my feature or a background player in my finished bathroom renovation.

Powder Room Sinks -  @concretenation
Powder Room Sinks – @concretenation

There you have my Top 5 Bathroom concrete basins in Australia. I hope we can help you just a little in your bathroom renovation journey I understand there is not always a lot of information online when it comes to bathroom renovations in Australia so any guide I can help you with I am happy to do so. At the bottom of the page, I have put a question section so if you have any questions or advice on Concrete basins or just bathroom renovation questions at all we happy to help.

Concrete Bathroom Sinks - @justinplace_sydney
Concrete Bathroom Sinks – @justinplace_sydney

PS. If you are going to get a concrete basin or a basin that is designed for the WOW factor always get something other than white. White has a tendency to blend and does not look like you have spent any money on it. I say this with all the love in the world but it’s important to hit you with these cold hard recommendations. Most of these places as well offer other bathroom products like baths or powder room sinks which are perfect for small toilet areas you are trying to turn into a powder room.

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at

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If you have any experiences with these great places, have any recommendations or have any questions just drop us a comment below we love to hear feedback.

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