Pros and Cons Stone Bathroom Feature Wall

Stone cladding was a massive trend for about three years but hey I still love it. You don’t have to come from the Stone Age to appreciate the beauty and practicality of natural stone. We have laid this style of  the bathroom so many times with the suburb of Southern River, Western Australia being the hot spot for us during that time. It was often blended with being used externally and internally as feature walls with that country feel becoming urbanized in these modern settings. For a bathroom feature wall where this style of stone tile is best used you can go from free form or dry stone wall for that rustic natural look without the weight or the high expense.


  1. Low costings for a feature wall compared to something such as mosaics

  2. Creates a natural feel regardless of how modern the fixtures



  1. Depending on the stone can be porous

  2. Often is jagged so not suitable for some shower or children

  3. Cutting can be difficult sometimes with the more natural the product the more unpredictable it can be

  4. As you can see in the bathroom renovation below in jandakot cleaning can be an issue

One design tip is if you can continue the stone wall onto the outside that’s visible through a window to help blur the lines between inside and out this will create the illusion of a larger space.

As you can see from the photos it feels special. It has a wow factor and a natural wow which is hard to do the look. It evokes feelings of a waterfall or an old English manor depending on the finish which can add depth to your bathroom renovation. Like all the advice I have done lately modern and older trends are all about what

feels good to you. If you don’t like it before you start you rarely will love it at the end so pick wisely and look at as much as you can.

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