Round Bathtubs – Are they comfortable?

Round bathtubs or round baths however you want to call them are not in high demand but the feelers are out there and the inquiries do come once and a while. So I am here to give you a little more information on the matter to help with your curious mind about the rounded bathtub trend happening in the 2020’s bathroom renovations.

A round bathtub is exactly as it sounds like a bath that is of a circular nature. We are talking full flying saucer here not some oval shape lets not get these twisted, rounded baths are as round as a Krispy Kreme doughnut.

Round Baths - @gia_renovations
Round Baths – @gia_renovations

Now we have the shape out of the way let’s get into the cold hard facts of why you are here. The question we started this is….

Is a round bathtub comfortable

Round bathtubs look incredible but are they comfortable?. From my experiences using a rounded bathtub, I found them really as comfortable as a traditional freestanding bath set up. When it is filled with water and your relaxing they are great. I do understand you do not really have the option of laying completely with a headrest set up you get with some traditional baths but depending on the type of rounded bath you get the edge can be just as comfortable to lay on.

Circle Bathtub @cherhousedesign
Circle Bathtub @cherhousedesign

Pros of Rounded Bathtubs

Lets Warm You Up

Due to the shape often find rounded bathtubs will retain hot water a lot better in comparison to other shaped bathtubs.

Make An Impact

Rounded bathtubs are really a statement piece. When you see on in person or in an image you say wow and for a person who designs bathrooms a good wow is always what you are aiming for.

Round Bath - @firstavenuehomesmelbourne
Round Bath – @firstavenuehomesmelbourne

Curved Is The New Skinny

Bathrooms are all going curvy, whether it is a vanity, shower or mirror bathrooms are all looking to be more rounded and less sharp edges so rounded freestanding bathtubs are as modern and trendy as you are going to get.

Ultimate Shower Over Bath

Rounded bathtubs are great shower over baths, especially with a ceiling shower head. Now the hardest part is getting a shower curtain that looks great with them but if you wanted to stand in a bathtub and use it as a shower over a bath these are the most comfortable and not that feeling of boxed in you get in comparison to older style shower baths.

Got Company?

Lastly, probably the best reason to have a rounded tub is if you are wanting to enjoy it with someone else, they are quite large and really designed to be used by multiple people.

Round Tub @katewalker_design
Round Tub @katewalker_design

Cons of round baths

Its All Down To Space

The biggest downside of round bathtubs is space. They take up so much more space in comparison to its skinner oval freestanding bath. Often we struggle to fit 750mm wide freestanding baths so the idea of a 1300mm or 1500mm wide bath is just not practical you really need to have the right amount of space or a space built around the bath to make it work

Show Me The Lack Of Money

We are all trying to save on our renovations so when it comes to those big-ticket items like a bath we are hoping and praying it won’t blow the budget. Rounded bathtubs are not cheap and in comparison to your standard long freestanding bath, you are often looking at double if not triple the cost to buy.

I’m Time Poor

If you are time-poor and let’s face it most of us are, firstly I would probably not get a bath but secondly, these baths are a lot bigger in footprint compared to a traditional freestanding bath so it is going to take you a lot longer to fill.

Round Tub @katewalker_design
Round Tub @katewalker_design


Let me finish the information side with two simple questions below. Now I could of just led with this summary but that would not be fun for anyone who likes to read me personally I am a dot point reader so for the me’s out there I have summarised it all up below.

Why you should stay away from a round bathtub

  • You are working with a tight space
  • Looking to save money on your bathroom
  • No time to wait for a bath fill up
  • Can be a lot to clean and clean around
Round Bathtubs - @joshandelyse
Round Bathtubs – @joshandelyse

Why you should choose a round bathtub

  • Great for retaining heat
  • Big enough for multiple people to use at once
  • Makes a real impact on your bathroom look
  • Very modern in comparison to where bathrooms are heading
  • Allows for a stunning ceiling light feature
  • Preferable for shower over baths set ups

Inspiration Required

We all need a little inspiration so here are some Instagram pages I have found that use a round bathtub throughout their projects.

Reno Diary

A beautiful page to follow for daily inspiration on putting your home together with a few tips and advice to help you along the way on your journey @reno.diary

Round Bathtub @reno.diary
Round Bathtub @reno.diary

Lisa and Jeremy

A passionate and gorgeous page full of ideas to help in your renovations or just want to look at some pretty pictures @elleandjay321

Round Bathub - @elleandjay321
Round Bathtub – @elleandjay321

Looking To Buy Round Bathtubs

If you are looking to buy round bathtubs for your next bathroom renovation we are here to help you. ABI Tapware provide great quality products and not only sell tapware but baths like this UKIYO ACRYLIC FREESTANDING BATH – MATTE WHITE 1280MMCLICK HERE OR IMAGE BELOW

Rounded Bathtub @abiinteriors
Rounded Bathtub @abiinteriors

A second option and not to be outdone is the LAUFEN Val Freestanding Bath 1300 Round Sentec White from Reece Bathrooms though a fair bit more pricey is a very gorgeous bath we can recommend. CLICK HERE OR BELOW

Rounded Bathtub @theblock
Rounded Bathtub @theblock

Even if you are living in Perth and you are searching for rounded baths in Perth our recommendation is to use the above places as there are not a a lot of options locally but if you do have some drop a comment below and I would be happy to update.

The bathroom trends for 2022 will be one of being bold and exploring your creative side as many of us are stuck more and more at home looking for an outlet. We cover everything you will need to know about renovating a bathroom in 2022 and what you should be avoiding if you can.


2022 Bathroom Renovation Trends

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at

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