2022 Tiling Trend You Need To Get On To

So here we are the biggest tiling trend for your bathroom in 2022 will be.. (drumroll please) Square Tiling. Square bathroom tiles will be the 2022 bathroom tiling trend of the year and most likely going into 2023 with how these types of trends go.

Square Tiles @abiinteriors
Square Tiles @abiinteriors

The purpose of this article is to cover the absolute peak of modern bathroom tiling trends you will find in Australia. Along with the in-depth analysis of the tiles, I will show you lots of examples in real bathrooms to help put your mind at ease if you are considering these types of tiles. Square tiles are exactly as they sound they are tiles of square nature ranging from 50mm to 100mm mostly. Once you go bigger than the 100mm really you are just putting in tiles that look like they are straight out of the ’90s or early 2000’s the exception to that is the pattern encaustic titles.

Square Tiles @abiinteriors

Why you should use square tiles in your bathroom?

The reason these square tiles in my opinion are becoming more popular is we run the course a little with long tiling as the whole room concept. The smaller square tiling is becoming the popular choice for feature walls as it can create an awesome grid feature in a tile that you love.

2022 Tiling Bathroom Trends - @abiinteriors
2022 Tiling Bathroom Trends – @abiinteriors

Why you should probably not use square tiles in your bathroom?

One reason you should not use square tiles in your bathroom is if you like a lot of grout. As mentioned above you will have a lot more smaller tiles in comparison to the 300mm x 600mm or 600mm x 600mm tiles which use a lot less grout so if you are not looking to have a lot of grout then it is probably best to avoid small square tiles in your bathroom.

2022 Tiling Bathroom Trends – @abiinteriors

How long will this tiling trend last?

When it comes to tiling trends you never really know. For a tiling trend like square tiles, I would say about a year to two max. With feature trends which is what this is they tend to only have a few years shelf life unless they are also a practical concept like larger tiles.

2022 Tiling Trends - @abiinteriors
2022 Tiling Trends – @abiinteriors

Where can I buy square tiles?

When it comes to buying square tiles for your next bathroom renovation, most tile shops should have a decent range. If though like me you like to look online the best place for an awesome range of square tiles is Tile Cloud. CLICK HERE for their wonderful range of square bathroom tiles.

2022 Tiling Trends – @abiinteriors

Pros of Square Tiling

It’s Different – Small square tiles are different in the right way. If you are over the bathroom trends of herringbone or subway tiling the smaller square tiles are the type of feature that is different with a wow factor.

Softness – I find smaller square bathroom tiles a little softer than a lot of the overpowering features you will get.

Cons Of Square Tiling

Time-Consuming – With the smaller square tiles they can be time-consuming depending on how much tiling you have to do with the smaller tiles. Anything smaller also will consume more grout which not only adds to laying time but cleaning time.

Public Toilet – So you need to be careful with this trend to not get stuck looking like a 90’s public toilet that used smaller square tiles. Please put a lot of thought into how the room is constructed and how you use it.

Square Bathroom Tiles

Main Types Of Smaller Square Bathroom Tiles

Classic Square 100mm x 100mm Stackbond – So this is the type of square tiles you will get the most throughout modern renovations in 2022. These are laid in a stackbond finish and are around the 100mm x 100mm in sizing.

Small Square Tiles - @abiinteriors
Small Square Tiles – @abiinteriors

50mm x 50mm Mosaic – These tiles are more of mosaic based instead of your single tile set-up. These are a little more expensive most of the tile but do hug the wall better.

Small Square Tiles - @abiinteriors
Small Square Tiles – @abiinteriors

Diamond Laying – Lastly we have square tiles laid on a diamond finish. Its the same tiles as mentioned above but instead of just a straight stack bond the diamond finish creates a more dramatic effect.

Diamond Squares - @threebirdsrenovations
Diamond Squares – @threebirdsrenovations

Encaustic – These pattern tiles I have put differently just because they have more impact and they are really the only time you should use a 200mm x 200mm on the wall as they make a feature out of a feature wall.

Square Bathroom Tiles
Square Bathroom Tiles


So there you have the 2022 bathroom tiling trend you need to check out before your next 2022 bathroom renovation is undertaken. I am intrigued by small square bathroom tiles and I am unsure though how long they will last. I have seen some stunning ones like these beautiful examples used from the ABI Interiors site but I have also seen a few that for me do not really work at all so as mentioned above be careful with the style you use.

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It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at smallbathroomrenovations@gmail.com

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