Bathroom Mould – Preventing and Removing Advice

Let’s are honest mould loves bathrooms it is the perfect breeding ground. It can grow in baths, showers, tiles, carpets, wallpaper, grout, wood, sinks and toilets. Bathroom mould is more likely to affect people with asthma, allergies or a respiratory condition as the spores are easily inhaled and associated with asthma attacks, watery/itchy eyes, respiratory infections, rashes and sinus problems.

The most common causes of bathroom mould are lingering moisture caused by lack of ventilation and in the extra cases leaks or rising dampness.

Preventing Bathroom Mould

Find The Mould In Your Bathroom

If you can smell mould but can’t see it, you might notice an earthy, or musty smell when you have mould, and that’s because mould produces gas when is grows. The best place to check bathroom mould is hidden areas such as under sinks, toilets and baths, behind doors, in shower fixtures and screen, crawlspaces, exhaust fans, shower curtains etc. It can start unseen in the bathroom then spread to other rooms. Mould is best prevented then treated as it can become a big problem if it starts to spread. Below is an example of the mould being found in a vanity but what you will find is most of the time you vanity will have a backing so you won’t even see the mould building.

gregg fox photo 1
Mould In Vanity 

Tips For Preventing Mould

  • The right type of ventilation fan is key. If mould is a key problem for you go with something that is only a fan and not a combination of items. We find that a stand-alone exhaust fan works so much better than say a Heat/Light/Fan
  • Always try to avoid a shower curtain with possible as they notoriously soak in and spread the moisture
  • Plastic or bad finished shelving accessories in the shower are a breading ground for rust or mould as they provide hiding places for mould to grow. If you can go with a shower niche (CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLE) 
  • Wash your bathroom rugs frequently.
  • Tiling to the ceiling will stop moisture penetrating the walls and protect trouble spots.
  • If you do not tile to the ceiling Use gloss paint where possible as this creates a harder surface
  • Adding a dehumidifying plant, like a cactus, to your bathroom.
  • Unnoticed plumbing problems such as leaks or blockages can lead to a build-up of stagnant water in your bathroom – perfect for bathroom mould
  • Avoid harsh chemical products, the fumes contribute to poor indoor air quality and their abrasive nature can damage your bathroom surfaces, making the surface more susceptible to mould growth
  • Keep the window open during use of the shower where possible.


Getting Rid of Mould

  • Strip away and replace any grout or sealant that has mould growth it’s really the best way to do it. Once the mould is present you really need to remove all of it. Whether it is in the silicone, soaked into a vanity or all over a ceiling. Removal of the entire entity and starting fresh is the only guarantee of getting rid of it and keeping it away.
  • Ceiling mould is little harder to get rid off, often once you get it in the ceiling you will eventually need to replace it all together as it keeps coming back.

Shower Mould Perth Help

Bathroom mould is so annoying. Especially if you can not pin point what is causing it, if you have ceiling water damage like rain coming through the gutters, or rising dampness through the shower walls or even a slow leak you cant find. Mould can be horrible and bad for your health so hopefully some of our ideas help and if you need further help do hesitate to contact us..

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at – Small Bathroom Renovations Perth

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