Ultimate Pros and Cons Of Wet Room Renovations

Wet room bathroom renovations are something that can be taken in a few different ways. The way I would describe wet room bathroom renovations is when one element of a bathroom is also in the shower area. This can be the bath, vanity or toilet that shares the shower area. Traditionally these wet rooms can be taken as different meaning such as no shower screen rooms or rooms that have dry area and a wet area. Below we will cover though the pros and cons of Australian wet room set ups.

Small Bathroom Renovations Perth

Why I love a wet room is it usually allows two items in the room to be big! and often that is not always the case when you have a small bathroom.



  • The wet room will feel so expansive with that frameless glass
  •  Allows for a more efficient use of the space which is often more visually appealing
  • Wet rooms can make small bathrooms appear larger and we all know large bathrooms tend to look more luxurious
  • Great for anyone trying to create space in there bathroom
Wet Room Renovations Perth
Wet Room Renovations Perth


  • A wet room design is generally a lot more ‘open plan’ so yes, splashes and steam can go everywhere
  • Waterproofing is a lot more costly and labour intensive
  • Drainage and tiling of the falls is crucial and something you want to be done by a professional
  • There are some restrictions on where electrical can go i.e. power points / heated towel rails.
  • Wet room renovations are not for  everyone with water often the biggest factor
  • It is not the easiest to tile and you need a lot of experience to complete them
Enclosed Wet Room Renovation
Enclosed Wet Room Renovation

 The most important part of any wet room renovations

  • The fall on the floor is crucial to drainage and pooling. The gradients need to be spot on to ensure the fall is correct and the water is channelled from the shower and you have the ability to drain the entire room effectively.
  • Consider installing wall hung fixtures (basin /toilet) to add to the spacious feel and free up the floor. Not only will  this look more visually appealing but will make cleaning even easier
  • As the above image shows you can do the enclosed wet room renovation but it will required a wall to wall screen which can be costly.

Wet Rooms Perth WA

Wet rooms renovations, or baths in the shower renovations both being similar or the same thing are becoming more popular over the years. I love them and when we first did them it was a client who had the guts to do it 10 years ago.  It takes years of experience to understand not only how to tile it but to put it together with the right drainage and get the fall. You should really only do these types of renovations with experiences renovators or you will have bigger issues down the track. If you have any questions on wet room bathrooms in Perth or anywhere else just drop us a comment below.

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Smallest Wet Room Advice Australia
Smallest Wet Room Advice Australia
Are wet rooms a good idea?
Are wet rooms a good idea?

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at smallbathroomrenovations@gmail.com

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Leave a comment below about your experiences with wet rooms  in the shower area or are thinking about.

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