What Makes a Bathroom Feel Small?

Many older bathrooms are small by design. They were built during a time when bathrooms were thought of as practical spaces, not spaces designed for relaxation. Today, bathrooms are designed to be more relaxing. Combined with cluttered bathrooms is the lack of natural light so two things to consider design and lighting!.

A small bathroom often has to accommodate a bath, shower, toilet, vanity and some storage space. These necessary inclusions can make the bathroom feel small. In many cases, the bath and shower enclosure are on one side of the bathroom. The vanity and toilet are on the other side of the bathroom. In between is just enough aisle space to walk in.



A bathroom like this can feel small and cramped as shown above. When you’re renovating, the challenge is to get as much space as you can without sacrificing necessary inclusions. It’s up to you to decide what those inclusions should be, but even if you still want a bath and shower, you can make your bathroom feel much larger.

Windows and Skylights 

Quite a lot of the older bathrooms will have frosted window or that cages appearance. Adding a larger new window or a skylight will be a great first step towards making even the smallest bathroom feel much larger.

The key is you want as much natural light into the room as possible. If you install a window higher on the wall, you can install clear glass without losing your sense of privacy. This will allow you to see the great outdoors and your bathroom will feel much larger.

Another great way to make your small bathroom feel larger is to install large windows and a privacy screen outdoors. Doing this will make your bathroom feel even larger.


Feature Space – Bathroom Renovation Roleystone

Natural light is the key to make any room seem larger. Tile selection and layout of the room can play a part but still, you want if possible to get light into the room either through a window or a skylight it will go a long way to making that big difference.

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