Keep The Shower Screen Clean

EnduroShield is an easy clean protective coating that creates an ultra-long lasting  invisible shield on all glass, ceramic tiles, grout, stainless steel, and chrome surfaces, reducing cleaning time by up to 90%.

EnduroShield protects against staining, build-up and etching caused by:
– Soap scum, body oils, lime scale, dirt, and grime
– Salt, and chlorine spray

Enduroshield is a must have! You will find the first thing that detracts from your brand new bathroom is the awful soap scum on the shower screen. It is a never-ending battle trying to keep those screen looking good and Enduroshield makes a world of difference.

No more harsh chemicals, just a wipe over with and Enjo and your sorted.

We offer Enduroshield to all our Perth Shower Screens during the bathroom renovation process



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