Ways To Save On Your Bathroom Renovation

Looking for ways to save on your bathroom renovation? without reducing the quality?. Here are 3 tips we recommend to saving you that fortune

Tiling Heights

Depending on the finish you are going for remember tiles are cosmetic. The more you tile the more something will look finished. Besides the effect of providing more light to a room (depending on the tile finish) tiling to the ceiling can cost thousands more. So you can save around $2000 by keeping it Basic or 1.2m high.

Bathroom Renovation Maddington

2. Pre-Made Vanity 

Widths are usually set at 750mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm or 1800mm. In 2016 you have a massive range of vanities with laminates, nice finishes and designs all in abundance. By getting something custom made you will be adding around $1500 to your vanity price depending on size. We also have a option for pre made between walls.

Bathroom Renovation Willetton

3, Go Semi Frameless

Semi-frameless shower screens will do the job and look good. Made with 6mm glass and a aluminium frame the semi-frameless shower screen is the most common screen we use. The screen allows for better water retention and is also clear enough to make the room feel huge. You are looking at almost double the cost say around a extra $1000 just to get a screen that’s frameless.

Bathroom Renovation Canning Vale

Be smart when renovating your bathroom. It if its your dream bathroom go crazy but as i always say “what you spend to what you gain”. Meaning if you spend $1000 for a extra 10cm of vanity are you really getting your moneys worth. Most times it wont be but we over think these things.

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