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One of the most common ways people describe their bathroom to me is how small it is.  A small ensuite or bathroom is not ideal as it is often used by more than one person so what can be done? Below will be examples of different kinds of small bathroom renovations that we have completed throughout Perth WA to give you some ideas to help during your next renovation as nothing helps more than seeing your space and making it better.

Claremont Bathroom Renovation

When we look at a space like this Claremont unit bathroom renovation the key is really working out what you want the most from the space, that might be storage, bigger shower maybe you just hate cleaning the shower screen but the key is to have something you want and work around that concept.


The out come below we used what we call the toilet wet room which is often a toilet in the shower area. Some might hate this as the toilet gets wet but its import to note it allows you to have a much bigger feeling shower and whats easier to clean a wet toilet or glass? 


Victoria Park Bathroom Renovation

Too much wood was the worst part of this Victoria Park bathroom, and also the dreaded tile paint that looks horrible as it wears away. 


So what we did hear is really just cleaned it up, got rid of the bath for a more user friendly walk in shower and got rid of that wood around the ceiling and window. It maybe simple but it feels fresh and comes along way from that original bathroom. 


 Canning Vale Bathroom

The owners of this canning vale bathroom wanted to utilize the dead space at the back of there shower that many of these bathrooms have. By adding in a walk in shower that maximized the space.

IMG_5172IMG_8381Extra Info – Strip lighting can really add a pop to a neutral room and can always be changed.


Bathroom Renovation Brentwood

Like most of the small perth ensuites below the renovations, we do maximize space with either a better layout or fittings to improve the space.



Bathroom Renovation Maylands

Full height tiling can make a small room feel so much bigger. It adds depths.


Extra Info – Wall hung vanities create a more seamless feel to the bathroom with no walls to the groundbreaking up view.



Mosman Park 

Such a tiny space but so much work!. This small bathroom had window work, bulk head work, skylight and even door work but after configuring the space, it now has so much light.138759790_3237513056353961_8846053026742636046_o

Terrazzo when done right has such a beautiful finish with the black tapware. 


Bathroom Renovation Churchlands

The crazy thing about this ensuite is the previous owners had renovated the bathroom to take out the toilet and install a gigantic vanity. The new owners wanted that toilet back! but still wanted a larger double vanity with plenty of storage.

IMG_6888IMG_9295Extra Info – Ceiling high mirror cabinets are not always practical but how can you never have enough storage


Marangaroo Bathroom Renovation

The owners of this bathroom were looking to declutter as much as possible.

IMG_0140 (1)IMG_9401Extra Info – Wall-mounted toilets are a lot more work and costly but can really add to making a bathroom feel more streamlined.


Corner Screen Ensuite –

Below are ensuites that use a screen with a door with either a 3 part Panel or a sliding shower screen for better use of space.

Bathroom Renovation North Fremantle

 Extra Info – The highlight of this bathroom is the tiling which is a pro tip we use to make a small room feel exciting by diverting your eyes to a wow factor.


Bathroom Renovation Thornlie

 Extra Info – This is the most practical screen for this style of renovation as it moves inwards opposed to swinging parts that move into the vanity or toilet


Bathroom Renovation Lesmurdie

Extra Info – 3 part panel shower screens allow for a central door but often does narrow the size of the door.


Bathroom Renovations Yokine

Extra Info – This bathroom was designed by a client that wanted to have storage and high walls. While I don’t recommend having large walls in a room as I feel it narrows the space by adding subway tiling it makes a feature out of it.

29215951_1662258427197697_3451043412457816064_oTwo Nib Walls

Full-Screen Bathrooms

Below are corner screen examples that use a full screen and door often in a corner with a nib wall or without.

Redcliffe Bathroom Renovation

IMG_0674IMG_8086IMG_8179_editedExtra Info -Black trim is great for those external corners that can match into the tapware.

 Shelley Bathroom Renovation

Open showers are not for everyone, one of the draw backs is the heat leaves the shower quicker. Below you can see from this East Perth bathroom renovations (which was already a little modern) needed a face list . 


Just a note, lighting around mirrors cabinets is really hard! This inbuilt example below is the best option to take into consideration. 




Small bathrooms can be annoying plain and simple.  A lot of our bathroom we renovation in Perth have are ensuites on the smaller side and our clients are often frustrated trying to make this space the best it can be. The way I always look at it is aim to de-clutter, whether its the mirror cabinet to get items off the benchtop or making a shower floor hobless you want to create a minimalist bathroom at all times.

For more before and afters JUST CLICK THE IMAGES BELOW

Before and After Wet Rooms

Small Bathroom Renovations Perth


How Much To Renovate Your Perth Bathroom

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at

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