White Tapware – Pro’s and Con’s

White tapware was big in the ’90s but in the 2020s white tapware is not your mums and dad tapware it’s your stylish new age tapware. White tapware is back maybe not with a bang but with an aggressive wave telling you to take notice.

Like all new age bathroom tapware, there is a wide variety of pros and cons you need to take into account when you are making a purchase. Jim is here to help you through these decisions with my breakdown of the pros and cons of white tapware.

White Tapware With Wood @zephyr_and_stone
White Tapware With Wood @zephyr_and_stone

Pros of White Tapware

Below we cover three pros of white tapware that I think you need to know.

  • Goes With White Bathrooms
  • Goes With Modern Grey Bathrooms
  • The Right Type Of WOW Factor

White and Grey

Grey bathrooms are booming and do you know what goes great with a grey bathroom you guessed it white tapware. White bathroom tapware goes so well with cold colours and tones and the grey bathroom white tapware combo below is an amazing example.

White Bathroom Tapware - @zephyr_and_stone
White Bathroom Tapware – @zephyr_and_stone

White Tapware On White Bathrooms

White tapware looks probably best either against a black background or a white finish. This white finish can be either a straight white or a marble white like the example below that really blend well and soften the space.

As you can tell the biggest Pro’s of white tapware is how it can go with so many shades or finishes. The flexibility of the tapware and the softness it offers is a big advantage when trying to put your next bathroom, laundry or kitchen renovation together. If you have a style most likely white bathroom tapware with go with your dream bathrooms design.

White Mixers Taps - @abiinteriors
White Mixers Taps – @abiinteriors


With white tapware, it looks stunning in person. As someone who has taken thousands of bathroom photos often anything matt based does not pop the way you would love it to unless all the stars align. With white tapware, it has a wow factor in person especially placed against a nice back grout but it also does not dominate so if you are looking for a tapware when someone sees it they say “WOW” (in a good way) you have come to the right place with white tapware.

White Tapware - @alexandramacmillan
White Tapware – @alexandramacmillan

Cons Of White Tapware

Below we cover the three cons I find with white tapware.

  • Scratch Easier Than Other Tapware Finishes
  • White Can Get Dirty
  • You Need To Take More

Itchy and Scratchy

Like most matt tapware such as black tapware or matt white tapware, there is a high degree of chance you could mark or scratch your tapware. Its surface is delicate in comparison to chrome finishes so you will need to take extra care. With anything that has a white surface (my wife won’t let me have white jeans – cant trust me), you will most likely need to be extra careful from any product that can change or tarnish the colour.

White Tapware - @alexandramacmillan
White Tapware – @alexandramacmillan

Dirty Fingers

Tap handles can get filthy from grubby dirty fingers hands, so be mindful of who will use the bathroom and how the taps will be used. If you have kids or a messy partner you can not trust to keep the white clean it’s probably best to avoid them altogether.

White Bathroom Tapware - @alexandramacmillan
White Bathroom Tapware – @alexandramacmillan

More Mindful

So lastly the biggest con really of white tapware is you just need to be more mindful when using the product. You need to be careful not to chip the enamel and also not place dirt constantly around the tapware. Please avoid using abrasive cleaners on white taps. Always go for a liquid detergent – it will give the taps a greater shine and maintain the colour.

Matt White Tapware @threebirdrenovations
Matt White Tapware @threebirdrenovations

Inspiration Required

We all need a little inspiration so here are some Instagram pages I have found that use matt white tapware through their home.

Matt White Tapware @threebirdrenovations
Matt White Tapware @threebirdrenovations

Zephyr and Stone

Incredible designers that you really need to be following to check out all their latest creations using a variety of finishes including matt tapware in their bathrooms. If you follow one designer during your process of using white tapware it would be for me @zephyr_and_stone

White Tapware - @zephyr_and_stone
White Tapware – @zephyr_and_stone

Becca Frost

What a really stunning designer I love the simple but gorgeous designs all throughout the page @becca_bydesign

White Tapware - @becca_bydesign
White Tapware – @becca_bydesign

Island Villa

If you are looking for inspiration and a place to get the items @islandvillaa is the place to check out!

White Tapware – @islandvillaa

Looking for a bigger breakdown on all bathroom tapware finishes we have you covered, from matt black, brushed brass, copper and much more if its trendy we have you so all you need to do is CLICK HERE or the image below to get every bit of information you would ever need.


Looking To Buy White Tapware

If you are looking to buy white tapware for your bathroom, laundry or kitchen the key like any tapware is to buy quality as it will last longer. ABI Tapware is of great quality that is also not going to break the bank what I do love about using them over the years is they have an awesome aftercare policy which I have used first hand. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THERE MATT WHITE TAPWARE RANGE. Even if you are living in Perth and you are searching for matt tapware Perth our recommendation is using ABI as there is such a limited range out there.

Matt White Tapware - @abiinteriors
Matt White Tapware – @abiinteriors

The bathroom trends for 2022 will be one of being bold and exploring your creative side as many of us are stuck more and more at home looking for an outlet. We cover everything you will need to know about renovating a bathroom in 2022 and what you should be avoiding if you can.


2022 Bathroom Renovation Trends
2022 Bathroom Renovation Trends

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at smallbathroomrenovations@gmail.com

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If you have any advice on whether or not you should use matt white bathroom tapware or any other type of matt tapware asked me any question you are chasing I am always happy to offer any advice where I can.

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