Shower Recess – Tips and Tricks

A shower niche/box/shelf is a practical and stylish vessel for all your necessities. The reason I have used so many slashes as like all parts of renovations different tradesman have different names for the same actions. For this though we shall go with the niche as it sounds cooler.

The rising popularity of inbuilt shower recesses is due to a few reasons but the number one is the hatred people have had with rusting shower shelves and the cramped nature of too many items sticking out the wall, Who hasn’t banged their head or elbow on a shower soap dish?, If you haven’t, consider yourself very fortunate.

Optional Layout


The niche is not the easiest item to install in a bathroom renovation due to the nature of the area its located in. Waterproofing is the biggest priority in a bathroom renovation so the construction of the niche in that area requires extra work in ensuring it is all sealed tight. The other aspect niche is you need a cavity to place it in so often the only way it can installed is on an external wall or you need to build a completely new wall to house it in. If you can’t install the niche  for alternatives in using bricks for shower storage. 
Open Shower Freestanding BathIMG_8582

So once you had decided you are having the niche the next step is to decide whether or not you want it to the be the feature of the room. Often the shower is the first thing you see when you look into a room so the box will often draw your eyes to it. Below we will show you bathroom renovations we have done in Perth, Western Australia that use the box in different ways

Keep It The Same

Below are bathroom renovations completed in Mount Lawley, Langford and Kingsley that use the shower box in a simplistic way. By keeping the box the same as the other wall tiles around it allows for a more subtle and continuous feature making the space for larger.

 Run It Up The Wall 

One of the biggest modern trends we do is having a feature wall that incorporates the floor tile/ This is done to create a prominent feature without having to add a third tile. This shower box adds again to that feature without being overpowering. These bathroom renovations below completed in Leeming, Mt Lawley and Atwell are prime examples

Why not make it a feature of the room? Some will say it will be filled with Shampoo and bottles so it will get lost but they are haters!. I love making it a feature as


Bonus Tip – Put A Trim Around It

Often we will install a trim around the box to emphasize the finish off the box often matching the trim to the colour of the tapware for that added flow.

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