Ultimate Family Bathroom Guide

Here at Small Bathroom Renovations Perth we do main bathrooms or the what I the family bathroom renovation the most as it is often the bathroom surrounded by the bulk of the family such as three kids bedrooms or the middle of the home in a duplex. It is the bathroom renovation the family completes first due to the fact it’s often the highest use and the one every person coming around sees so it always has a higher priority. If you wanted to just see some before and after we have done with this style of renovation. Below we will aim to cover this type of renovation from floor tile to ceiling all in an attempted to make your renovation easier.

Here is what we will cover in every single part of the family bathroom renovation below 





Shower Screen




Clean and Efficient Bathroom

The Layout

Now below is the classic family bathroom layout I am describing with a few bold issues many people face.
Bathrooms Perth

The issues in bold are the biggest problems people have with these- Below is how we solved it all.

Mirror Cabinet

So what can be done to make this space better? Now you can change the layout of the room with one idea being a walk in shower like the river-vale transformation below. This allows for a large vanity and big shower with no bath.


Below is the other wet room set up with the freestanding bath set up.



The reason storage is highlighted as anyone who has kids will attest to the fact that you quickly fill every little bit of storage insight and bathrooms are no different. You need to put that stuff somewhere and you need to be able to access it in an easier manner. The biggest item for storage in your bathroom will be your vanity. Often in these layouts, you will have a 750mm, 900mm or 1200mm if you are lucky to fit those items in. Draws are key!


The next storage option is whether or not you have a mirror cabinet. This is a 50/50 on what everyone goes for. The biggest pro for a mirror cabinet is it keeps all those little nick nacks off the small benchtop and into a place you can close off and not feel in a constant state of mess. The con is people don’t like cleaning finger marks on the glass so it comes down to who you are as a person in relation to mess.


Just a quick guide for vanities for kids you often ideally have a low basin that either is integrated into one piece, undermounted or a thin basin like below. The higher the bowl the more chance for mess and the harder for them to use.

Untitled collage (11)


The majority of the time a classic bricked bath is what we will install in a family bathroom renovation. Drop-In Bath or Bricked in baths are common due to the affordable nature and easy clean style. Often no higher then 450mm in Depth they are more designed for children to bathe in which does not always appeal to adults but are a lot easier to clean around then the freestanding bath in tight spaces. These types of baths are often acrylic with the occasional one we install being a steel bath. Not as popular in this day and age due to the cold feeling you get touching steel.


You can do the freestanding bath like the image below it’s just more difficult to clean and will have a higher costing due extra plumbing and actual cost to buy but it does look great and will be a comfortable bath for an adult.

Shower Screens

Get rid of that meshed framed screen or shower curtain and bring in the king of family bathrooms, the semi-frameless shower screens. They are the king because of three reasons. Firstly they make the room look so much bigger as you can see by the side by side below.

Untitled collage (10)Secondly, they have a greater level of water retention compared to a frameless shower screen with a trim that can be changed to a modern black if you are wanting so and Thirdly they are half the price of a frameless screen.  The door will often swing both ways to allow greater space into the room lastly we will break the nib wall in our streamline section.

What is the ideal tiling height you may ask for a family bathroom? This comes down to two things. The main one is cost as ideally you want to tile full height in a bathroom as it gives the feeling of being finished, its a cleaner room with no grubby hands being able to mess up the walls and depending the tile you choose it feels bigger but with all that said higher tiling does cost a decent amount more due to the amount of labour involved. The other reason not to go full height is you might want to paint a feature wall or you may not find a tile you love enough to put on all the walls it really is a personal choice.


One benefit of full height tiling is being able to do a feature wall which I always recommend for impact. Tiling is one of the things we pride ourselves on the most as it will make or break your bathroom. Especially with modern large tiles, you have to be so good at being able to create adequate fall. The largest tile we recommend really is the 300 x 300 on the floor but you can do a 300mm x 600mm or a 600mm x 600mm its just important to understand the larger the tile the harder it is to achieve the maximum amount of fall without changing drains so always go through this with your tiler.

Bathroom Fittings

The three most common style of bathroom shower outlets are the below three.

Fixed Shower Head – Great for a clean finish both from looks and physically cleaning as there is so much less of it compared to the other two.

Sliding Shower Rail – The sliding rail is good for the person who does not want to get there hair wet, it is also awesome for anyone who needs to sit and shower.

Shower Combo – They are the best of both worlds with an overhead shower and a handheld device. The drawback of this combo is that the long rail looks like a lot going on but you can get the non-rail option below. They do cost more but if you can afford it should make everyone happy.


With kids always wanting to charge there phone installing a USB port into the powerpoint can be a great addition.


Heat/light/fans are great if you live in a cold place or you have people in the house that get cold easily the biggest complaint I often hear from families is kids will use the heat unnecessary and run that power bill up so keep it in mind.

Making A Clean and Efficient Family Bathroom 

Here is the biggest one of the list and the question i get asked the most for family bathrooms. The first is eliminate the gaps where possible. The nib wall which is one of the bathroom items we specialize in eliminates that pesky gap between the vanity and screen you can never clean it also double as a great shelf that won’t get rust. Below is an example of the gaps to no gaps style bathroom. The wall hung vanity is created to give the idea of space but be warned kids will places toys and teenagers will lose clothes under there.

Untitled collage (12)If streaks on a shower screen or scum marks drive you up the wall you can seal the shower screen with products such as enduro shield will buff out the pinholes that makes glass porous. It helps but it is not full proof. The only real way to have a screen always looking the same is to makethe screen frosted like below. I am not one to recommend this as it can narrow the room it will make that screen have the same finish for longer.




It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at smallbathroomrenovations@gmail.com – Small Bathroom Renovations Perth

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