Neutral Feature With A Wow

We are all looking to do something different with our designs but don’t want to take the risk. At on the ball bathrooms we spend too many countless hours trying to create designs that are practical but give our client a sense of wow. One such design is the Silver Tower which is the combination of Black/White/Metallic in various combination but keeping the same layout that the design requires.

The real highlights of the bathroom feature is that the shades are neutral. No one or little few people are offended by the shade combination but the star is the design that is different then your average bathroom. It uses the floor into the the corner being broken up by the white grout and the boarder running between the wall and floor. As the example below in the bathroom renovation completed in Leeming.

Its a little more difficult in labour side but the outcome is a wow. Below are examples of previous bathrooms completed our Silver Tower Design



Bathroom Renovations Perth,

On the Ball Bathrooms are perth best bathroom renovators. Please feel free to check out all our work at the below sites


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