Why So Grey?

Lets keep it simple today for once. Grey bathrooms are they sad looking? is it too cold? why do i care?. Well if you are wondering what is the modern colour of 2016 well you guessed it grey is the answer. As fashion changes every year so do tile styles so below is a basic concept of white and grey and grey on grey.

The white and grey concept is perfect for someone who wants to be safe and has a smaller type room. The darker the tile the smaller the room will feel so always aim for light tiles unless the room is over 2.5 wide with large windows. If you have a 1.5 x 1.5 room with just a light you might as well go white on white on white.

The first bathroom from north Perth is a example of huge room + large window equals use of any colour you would like. This light grey on grey create a colour in a room with out being too drastic and regardless of what people think it creates a warmth which surprised all of us on the team.

The second bathroom below is Leeming is a great use of white walls with a high gloss grey floor creating the feeling of a huge room. The high gloss floor looks great but the draw back is it will be slippery once a bit of soap hits it so always go Matt unless you come across a Roman range that’s high gloss but rough.


So make up your own mind if grey is too sad for you?

On the ball bathrooms are Perth best bathroom renovation company adding value to your home any way we can

Bathroom Renovation North Perth and Leeming


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