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Floating and Wall Hung Vanities – Complete Guide

With time what we have installed in our bathrooms have changed dramatically. What I used to install into a bathroom 15 years even 10 years ago makes me feel old every time I see them and at the time I thought it looked amazing. Almost all bathrooms we did 10 years ago were freestanding this was often due to availability of the vanities at the time. Those vanities were often all cupboards, limited draws. Now in the 2020’s almost all the bathroom vanities we install are wall hung vanities that are only draws. (CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW FOR FULL ARTICLE) 

Wall Hung Vanities

Can I Have A Window In The Shower 

Can I have a window in the shower? is a tricky question to answer. Below we will give you a brief guideline about placing a window in a wet area or shower space but please note you always want your experienced tradesman to have a look at your space to decide what works best for you. CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE BELOW FOR THE FULL ARTICLE

Can you have a window in the shower

Pro’s and Cons Of Hobless Showers

So what is a hobless shower? Let’s start with that easy question. A hobless shower is where we take that pesky bricked surrounds of your shower base and create a shower that no longer has that bricked section. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE OR IMAGE BELOW


Toilets In Showers

If you have come to this post you are either contemplating installing a toilet in your shower area or you are just baffled by the idea of someone placing a stand alone toilet in a shower space. Firstly welcome for coming to find out and secondly I will say we are always trying to get the most out of our small spaces. This is a pretty simple pros and cons as they are all very obvious but one must always do their research and plan for their own space so take everything we say below on board but with these types of wet room renovations you need to be careful not to get it wrong. CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE

Toilets In Shower Areas

Pros and Cons Of Long Shower Drains

So we call it a Strip drain but that is just one of the many names that the long Channel drain/long drain has depending where you are in the world. Over the past 15 years, it has become quite a popular drain in the bathroom renovations coinciding with a rise in walk-in wet room showers and much larger tiles. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE OR THE IMAGE BELOW

Pros and Cons Of Strip Drains

Why You Need A Shower Niche

A shower niche/box/shelf is a practical and stylish vessel for all your necessities. The reason I have used so many slashes as like all parts of you renovations different tradesman have different names for it. For this though we shall go with the niche as it sounds cooler. Who hasn’t banged their head or elbow on a shower soap dish or corner shelf? If you haven’t, consider yourself very fortunate. Hair care products, soaps, gels and more need all a place in the shower. CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE BELOW FOR THE FULL ARTICLE

Pro's & Con's Of Brushed Tapware (1)

Do I Need A Bath?

Let’s be honest most of us are time-poor households, the idea of soaking away in a tub is just a fantasy. The real reality is it’s most likely the place we will throw dirty laundry or becomes that extra dusty section you need to clean that bugs you every time. So, is it time to ditch the bath altogether, or could this be the wrong decision in the long term?. Let us help you with a few pros and cons and see if bathing is for you.

Do You Need a Bathtub

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at – Small Bathroom Renovations Perth

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