5 Australian Powder Room Design Mistakes

Australian powder rooms are not the most common renovation you will undertake so there is not a lot of information about. Not every home has the luxury of having a powder room but some people try to force a powder room when they probably should not. Below we will cover the 5 AUSTRALIAN POWDER ROOM DESIGN MISTAKES that happen every day.

What is a powder room in Australia?

A powder room in Australia is when you add any hand washing element into a space that only has a toilet for me. They all range in size and practical functionality however they all have that one sink element to them that makes them a powder room. Below is an example of a traditional Australian powder room which is usually in the same space.

Australian Powder Room
Australian Powder Room – MJ Harris Group

Who uses a powder room

Firstly most powder rooms are used by guests, often the purpose is for most entertaining as opposed to the people who actually live in the house so the location of the powder room can vary. Often in the 2000s they were built as semi-attached to the ensuite, by the late 2000′ to 2010’s they were moved to a more conventional spot towards the back of the house to the main bathroom toilet which was a much better location.

Modern Powder Room Renovation – Photo @louisemackayinteriordesign

Australian Powder Room Design Mistakes Top 5

We have finally arrived at the 5 powder room mistakes to not make for your next powder room renovation. A lot of these mistakes are based on the traditional toilet set up of 1500mm Deep x 1000mm Wide

Mistake 1 – Powder Room Sink Too Big

This is the number one mistake people make when creating a powder room set up is putting in a vanity or sink that is too big for the space. Often if you need at least a 260mm clearance from opening the door to getting into the space to make it work. To conclude anything too big will either make it too hard to open the door or make you feel like you need to lose weight while trying to slide past it.

5 Australian Powder Room Design Mistakes
5 Australian Powder Room Design Mistakes
Mistake 2 – Lack Of Storage

If you have the space for a powder room sink then you should have enough space for some powder room storage. Depending on your layout design you should be able to get storage under the sink like the below image to get the small items in as well as ideally toilet roll hidden. One of the big mistakes people make when putting together a toilet renovation like this is only having the floating sink.

Small Powder Room Vanities Australia
Small Powder Room Vanities Australia

Mistake 3 – Tiling Not High Enough

As a tiler, I am always going to be big on tiling but firstly for me, this is both a visual and practical reason for why you need higher tiling for a powder room. Most bathroom toilets are back to the wall meaning they often sit against the back tile. The above image is an example of this where the tile sits against the back tile which ideally will be at least halfway to allow for a nice clean finish.

Powder Room Renovation Ideas
Powder Room Renovation Ideas

Mistake 4 – Not Hiding The Stop Tap

With the booming amount of tapware choices, there has been one issue that has crept into most of our renovation, which is the lack of matching stop taps and hoses. Most flexible hoses and stop taps are just chrome or at best maybe a matt black but most of the time it won’t match into the tapware unless it’s chrome.

So what we do on most of our renovations is put that bad boy stop tap into the system its self to make it look cleaner. You can easily access the stop tap by taking off the lid which your plumber should be able to advise you on.

Hiding Stop Tap Into Toilet
Hiding Stop Tap Into Toilet

Mistake 5 – Playing It Too Safe

As you can see from all the powder room examples provided they all have a bit of flair to them. You should have at least one feature wall for a powder room I believe as it’s the space that costs the least to renovate but can provide such a bold impact on your house. I am not saying go crazy but if you have wanted to do something out there or something you love and you did not do it in your bathroom the powder room is the perfect place to stop playing it safe.

Adding A Sink To A Toilet
Adding A Sink To A Toilet

Tips For Powder Room Designs

Keep It Classy – Please ensure the Powder Room is well insulated and also includes a solid-core door for added sound protection, saving your guests the awkward embarrassment of using the facilities while the rest of the party is dining only metres away! Also never use sliding doors trust me you really don’t want that for a room used by guests.

Stunning Powder Room -  @SublimeSpaces
Stunning Powder Room – @SublimeSpaces

Can You Use Wall Panelling In Power Room Renovation?

Can you umm yes! VJ Panels or Easy Craft Wall panelling looks awesome in WC and powder room renovations. Especially when you add a soft paint finish to them they really make the rest of the room pop in a way that you just don’t get with tiles. Make sure your installed has used these below though. We offer a big break down on VJ Panelling in wet area JUST CLICK HERE for all the information.

VJ Panels In A Powder Room
VJ Panels In A Powder Room – Photo @jadentori
VJ Panels In A Powder Room
VJ Panels In A Powder Room @jadentori

Is A WC The Same As A Powder Room?

Yes! The WC (Water Closet) is the same as the powder room renovation In Australia. Both names derive from much older times and have the exact same meaning really just slight variations on the origins. This all covers your WC renovations as well as your powder room renovation so do not stress if you were thinking they might be two different rooms. 

WC Renovations - The Block
WC Renovations – The Block 2021

What is a modern powder room?

A modern powder room is a room that is a combination of functionality and practicality. One of the keys to a modern powder room is how the sink uses the storage underneath it and if you wanted to add the right type of lighting to the powder room such as a LED mirror that can give a wow factor but also provide your guests with some great face lighting.

WC Renovation - The Block 2021
WC Renovation – The Block 2021

What size should a toilet room be to add a sink?

So let’s base this on a standard toilet size in Australia. Most toilets are usually around the 1600mm Long x 900mm Deep. What you will need space-wise ideally for a sink is a 250mm clearance from when you open the door to add it to your toilet. Most basins at their smallest will be 450mm Wide x 250mm deep so it’s important to keep this in mind when you are installing a powder room sink into a toilet.

Adding A Sink To A Toilet Area
Adding A Sink To A Toilet Area – The Block 2021

Final Thoughts On Powder Room Renovations

Powder room renovations should be more appreciated than they are in Australia but my big advice finally is to be bold with them, have fun in this tiny space it’s honestly the most seen by your guest so why not blow them away with something really creative.

In conclusion to everything above I will explain my idea powder room renovation. It is a powder room that is tiled to full height for cleaning purposes, it will have one feature wall on either the sink wall or window wall depending on the window size. It will contain a nice soft LED mirror small enough to fit into the sink spacing and not be over powering. You would have a nice off white sink in maybe a concrete finish as described below with a wood cabinet underneath. The image below which I used at the top is so simple but so impactful.

Australian Powder Room
Australian Powder Room

Below are some amazing powder room concrete large sinks to add a little bit of wow factor from CONCRETE NATION and NOOD CO. Instead of the many traditional sinks that are just floating or have a tiny cupboard below the unique column basins are a little pricy but often a wow factor that images do not do justice you need to see them in person.

Large Concrete Toilet Sink
Large Concrete Toilet Sink
Small Powder Room Vanities
Small Powder Room Vanities

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at smallbathroomrenovations@gmail.com

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If you have any questions about your powder room or you are thinking of adding a sink to your toilet just drop us a comment below we are always happy to help.

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