How High To Tile In The Toilet

I am never one to upsell on too many items involved in renovations especially in toilet renovations. What’s this got to do with the headline you might be asking, well tiling higher in any room will cost you more. Tiling is one of the hardest parts of a toilet renovation. When I first started renovating my father who I seem to reference a lot in these posts would always say the tiling is what makes or breaks a space as its the detail that people will pick apart the most from any lipping, contrasting grout lines to even if the drainage is not correct it grates on a person. So if you can nail the tiling you will nail the toilet, with that notion it’s important to understand the higher you tile the more prominent that tiling will become. I usually do a pros and cons of something on a post but this one I will do it by the most frequently asked questions on the subject

“Doesn’t tiling full height in a toilet just look like a public toilet”

This is the most common questions I get asked on the subject of full height tiling in toilets, I know it seems random but it appears to be everyone’s point of reference on toilet tiling. So let’s break it down why this gets asked.

Below is a public bathroom tiled full height i found on the net

Full Height Tiling Toilet 

This is the image people have in there mind when they think of full height tiling for toilets. This is because for decades these small tiles grouted black were a staple of shopping centres for years. Below is the more modern version of public bathrooms to give more updated perspective.


I personally believe the first image is where the negative stereotype for full height tiling in toilets come from and something that is hard to change in someone perception.

“Tiling full height will make the room feel small”

Coming in second is the questions of space. Again the old days of thousands of lines once made that feeling a reality but in 2018 the tiles are so much bigger and the lines thin plus fewer. I feel it makes the room feel larger by directing the tiles in a vertical direction the room will have added height.

Below is a toilet we recently finished in Canning Vale, Western Australia that incorporates full height tiling.

Full Height Toilet Tiling Example 
Tiling Full Height Toilet 


“So how high should we tile in the toilet”

The answer to this is actually about being practical. Modern toilets today are back to wall but that actually means back to tile. The toilet needs to sit against the tile on the back wall meaning if you only have one tile skirting you will have gap all the way up the back of it. It’s hard to describe but can be annoying to clients. To avoid this one option is to tile the back wall about 1200mm often just below the window and have skirting tiles on the sides below like this Duncraig toilet renovation or Dianella toilet renovation.

Duncraig Renovations Perth 
Dianella Renovations Perth 

1200mm High or halfway tiling is my suggestion to most people as its great for little kids not messing up your painted walls, ideal for back to wall toilets and allows you to add a splash of colour on your walls if you change your mind alot.



In a perfect world for cleaning and finish full height tiling would be the go-to move but costings and a mental barrier can often stop people. Full height tiling is more expensive but does have a sense of feeling finished once the renovation is done that lower height tiling does not. Tiling full height in a gloss tile will also allow for light to bounce around the room making the area feel bigger but a halfway comprise or even the skirting option will still allow for you to maximise the space.

Toilet tiling is really individual there is not much written about it online because almost every single person I meet has a different feel about it. As my advice to all is take the advice, have a look at different toilet renovations and go with your gut.

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It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at

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