Bathroom Ceiling Heating Guide

When I started renovating 3 In 1, Heat/Light/Fan or my favourite that thing I need to turn the heat globes on to get any good lighting were relatively new and not very functional. They either had a bad middle light, non existent air extraction or globes that blew after a few months of use. Fifteen years later bathroom ceiling heating is a lot better and a lot more practical.

Below we give you a brief a pros and cons of 3 In 1 Bathroom Heaters.

Pro’s of 3 In 1 Heaters

  • Great for those cold mornings or just cold days
  • Can provide extra heat to dry floor matts and some towels
  • Added luxury for resale or selling point
  • Cleaner ceiling look with everything combined
3 In 1 Bathroom Lighting

Cons of 3 In 1 Heaters

  • Heating is not cheap and will eat into your power bill if you run them too long
  • Not cheap to install if you have not got one previously installed as you requiring higher level of wiring
  • Can look bulky but the more modern ones are more streamline
  • One of the three functions can be poor functioning compared to the other two.

Below is a buying guide for 3 In 1 or Heat/Light/Fans

Buying these units can become very confusing so let us help you with a quick guide line to help with your next bathroom renovation or maybe to just replace an existing one.

Bathroom Heating Options

Extraction Fan Part

The biggest issue everyone has with these and always want to know is the air extraction part of the unit. The size of your bathroom will depend on how high you need this number.

Location of the unit and choosing the right extraction fan for your bathroom is crucial as steam will enter every part of your bathroom and once the condensation starts this creates watch out for mould and mildew to follow, if you have a high quality extraction this will take the steam before creating these nasty breeding grounds. 

Below is a rough guide for you to work off. 

5m³ Bathroom = 100m³/hr Bathroom Unit

10m³ Bathroom = 200m³/hr Bathroom Unit

20m³ Bathroom = 400m³/hr + Bathroom Unit


The heating feature is very underrated until you need it. The heating feature should only be used when needed as it creates the heat by drawing an extremely high amount of power.

A rough guide is below to work out how much heat you need for your application.  

5m³ – 10m³ Bathroom – 2 x 275w E27 Globe

10m³ – 20m³ Bathroom – 4 x 275w E27 Globe or 1000w R7 Globe


Often the smaller middle or side lights have always been the weakest of all the features of the heat/light/fan units but new modern ones have the other light as a LED or a brighter light meaning you don’t need to have the heat running all the time to actually see yourself.

The Other Option

The alternative to the whole unit is the singular heat lamp like in the image below. Not as popular due to extra ceiling work required to do multiple and the amount of items you would have in your ceiling if you had these with an exhaust fan and light is pretty overwhelming so most people do not do them but it is an option.

For a complete guide on bathroom heating just click the link below where we put all our bathroom heating and mould prevention advice in one place.

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at – Small Bathroom Renovations Perth

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