Lit Up Like Vegas

Practical and Fun are not always in association with each other, it’s a bit like listening to Phil Collins then Metallica yes there both music but one you would take your kids to the other you would take your ears off.

LED Shower heads are not the same extreme but have both pro’s and con’s. With all water operated Light fittings such as shower heads and mixer taps they have a Short shelf life, The LED’s are RGB (red/green/blue) and there’s a tiny microcontroller connected to a temp sensor. The micro controller simply sets the LED colour dependent on the water temp, red=hot, blue=cold and a blend in-between. 

Led Shower - On the Ball Bathrooms

The Pros of this fun product is it can really impress your friends and family. Like the Australia day fireworks cool bright lights keeps you entertained for a period of time. It’s a novel concept that in theory is really different so appealing to everyone.

The Con’s however out way the positives. The low to mid-range brands online and in some hardware shops only last a maximum of 6 months. The issue is with the water especially in some locations of Perth they create a build-up of calcium in the faucet. Completely stoping the LED lights from working. Yes you can try and clean them out but most of the time they just become items that water comes out of (what they are meant to be). In Finishing



I love the idea of LED Shower heads personally but the period of time they last and the price you can buy them for you should always remember a great thing doesn’t always last forever. They are great for having that wow moment and feeling of a brand new bathroom but treat them as newly washed car, looks great and you try your best to keep it clean but after a short time it always goes back.

 1621714_575657375857813_322220448_n (1)

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