Being On Top Of The….. Vanity



It’s not life or death it’s much more serious than that. I am of course talking about the vanity top you should have for you shiny new bathroom. There’s typically three types of tops we use.

First is the porcelain top, these are by far the best for cleaning it’s that classical all white solid no silicone anywhere top. It’s like a giant tile fired in a kiln. You can clean it with one wipe and have no part that’ can get dirty. The only issue is the look, it only comes in white and because of Bunnings it has flooded the market and made people associate them with low budget renovations! But if you have messy kids or you are looking as something reliable for your rental its perfect. Rating 8/10

Bathroom Renovation Perth

The second is engineered stone. It’s a fantastic product with half the cost, It looks identical to granite and is made up of crushed granite components which make it hard wearing and give it that natural look. I would say we use it in 70% of all our bathrooms the only down side with all tops like this is the use of silence for either a top mounted bowl or a under mounted bowl. It’s not the end of the world but silicone will be the first thing to get dirty and stay dirty. Rating 9/10

1200mm 7 Types

The third is the granite top. Granite is a beautiful hard wearing, top of the range product but with all those nice things it’s all so the most expensive. It has a lot more people handing it so it all adds to the cost. If you work it as a rule of thumb it’s about a extra $1000 depending on your vanity unit size. Rating 10/10

 Canning Vale Bathroom Renovation

When deciding what top suits you just work out what really matters? Do you want something for a rental that easy to keep clean, do you want a beautiful expensive looking bathroom without the cost or do you want your dream vanity?

*On the ball bathrooms is a Perth based bathroom renovation company specializing in adding value to your home with expert advice

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