Small Bathroom Renovations – Mistakes To Avoid

Small, Tiny or cramped are all ways so many people describe their bathroom to us. Most of the small bathroom renovations we do in Perth are not actually that small they just feel small because of how poorly there are currently constructed. A lot of the building of bathrooms throughout Perth in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s were all about just getting the basics into the room, a bath, shower, and vanity. In the case the ensuite its how can we fit the shower, vanity, and toilet with as little allowance for human movement as possible it is insane. Often one toothbrush is all you can fit on the top and the shower curtain is needed because there is no room for a door in the alcove itself. This is where we come into help. Let us give you three big-ticket items to avoid when improving that small bathroom in your next renovation.

Keep It Off The Floor 

Below is an easy example of a renovation we have completed in Shelley where we take away the bricked hob and get the vanity off the floor. The big reason more than anything I love vanity off the floor is that it is easier to pick in the wood grain color as it does not clash with the floor it also creates a feeling of space.  As simply taking away these wall-like items it can make your small bathroom feel so much bigger without even needing to pick light colors if you do not like them. 

IMG_7282IMG_7242_edited Bathroom Renovations Perth WA 


I love tiling always have and always will so when I see a bathroom that has not been tiled to the full height I do get a little sad but look you can do lots of nice things with untiled walls the key is to have a plan if that is the case. Tiling the full height of a room allows you to create an impact with a feature tile.

Costing For A Bathroom Remodel Australia

Whether it is a subway or mosaic tile the feature can really pop a bathroom and add to a small bathroom without spending the earth. This small bathroom renovation below is an Ensuite renovation in Scarborough that uses one feature wall tile to create an impact for the bathroom renovation space. 

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Keep The Swinging In The ’60s

The biggest change someone can make with a small bathroom is how the opening impacts the room. Often a door like the below Scarborough bathroom will open into a space and make you feel cramped. The best option is often a sliding door for ensuites as they can allow you to not feel as cramped. The other is by changing a full screen with a door into a fixed panel set up allowing for easier cleaning as well! Which is always a plus.

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Small bathrooms can be annoying there is no way around it. They can often feel cramped and frustrating to the point of wanting to give up but there is hope. By making the space feel bigger, easier to clean and look fresh as….. You will be able to get that happy morning feels back. Always be practical but never afraid to take one risk in a renovation but though remember if you love colour keep it to the items you can change without having to wait for your partner to change it down the track themselves if it becomes too much.

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Below are some great advice that will help with your next bathroom renovation all you need to do is CLICK THE IMAGES BELOW FOR THE FULL ARTICLES

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at

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