4 Tips For Renovating Your Bathroom Rental

Rental bathroom renovations are a little different then most bathroom renovations we do. As spending money and renovating a room which you won’t use or really see is a strange process. It’s hard not to get attached or want to make that room your dream bathroom. We often see clients torn and find it hard to make decisions sometimes making the wrong ones. Below we give you 4 tips for renovating your bathroom in a rental/investment property.

Put A Brick On It

We are all looking to do Hobless showers in 2020’s for our own bathrooms. The bulky brickwork that surrounds the shower floor can be an eyesore and inconvenient but it does one thing effectively, It retains waters. With a rental, you never know what type of tenant you are going to get or how they will use the shower so often I would recommend installing a small hob for an open shower or a corner recess with a screen.  This leads to the next piece of advice.

Walk In Shower (2)

Shower Fittings

If you can, always aim to install a high fixed shower head.

Fixed shower heads like above are a  simple item that looks streamline but most positive has little to no adjustable parts. Often with sliding rails, tenants will either pull them as a grab rail, allow them to go rusty from improper cleaning or wear out the holding mechanism needing the rail to be replaced. When you are making a bathroom renovation for a rental the key is to have the least amount of items that can be damaged.

Costing For A Bathroom Remodel Australia

Let it breathe

Ventilation is key for keeping a bathroom ceiling from going moldy. Often the best ways to do this is to keep the window open or turn the exhaust fan on. Let’s face it most of us don’t want a cold draft from the window when we shower so the exhaust fan is the only option to take that steam away. The noise can be annoying though so often given the choice we won’t turn it on. My advice takes that decision away and have one switch for the light and exhaust this way you don’t have to worry about the fan being turned on when someone showers further protecting your ceiling from future damage.


No one likes cleaning

Lastly, let’s talk about tiles. If you can incorporate a pattern in your tiles like a rental we completed below you will go along way in keeping the bathroom always looking the same. Flat or dull colors will show ever mark and look dirty in seconds. One other way to keep that bathroom looking clean for long is sealing the grout. Grout is porous by nature so where possible seal the grout and keep it fresh. My other hot tip is frosted shower screens or bricked shower walls are ideal for glass not to get dirty over time.


So there are a few points to take into consideration when renovating your Perth rental bathroom. It’s a hard one to pick and choose for as your hard earned money is going into it. Try to always look at it as risk management opposed to your dream bathroom as the Tennant might not treat it the same. Rental bathroom renovations can be tricky and like any time you renovate your rental in Perth you want to take into consideration spending money now to save you down the track.

Rental Renovating Perth

Selling or Renting

Are you looking for a agent to rent our your property or looking to sell? The best real estate agent we have ever used is Thomas Orton in Perth WA. This guy is incredible we have no hesitation recommending him just let him know John from Small Bathroom Renovations Perth sent you his way and he will look after you just click the link below 🙂

Perth Best Real Estate Agent

If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at smallbathroomrenovations@gmail.com – Small Bathroom Renovations Perth

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