How To Pick The Right Basin For You

Choosing the right basin can be an overwhelming experience. But it doesn’t have to be, once you learn about each basin type, you have an understanding of what will be most suitable for you and your family.


Bathroom Renovations Willetton

Also known as a vessel basins, sit entirely above the bench top. These are most suited to tall vessel mixers or wall mounted basin mixers.

•   Great for small or narrow vanities.
•   More variety in shapes/ sizes & materials such as stone or glass.
•   Stylish and creates a great feature or centerpiece.
•   Great for “U” shaped drawers, as the basin doesn’t protrude into the drawer below, taking up storage.
•   Cost effective to install. Requiring a small waste cut out.

•   The bench top-level is lowered to compensate for the height of the basin. Creating a comfortable height for basin use but lower vanity height. This can also result in less storage in the vanity.
•   Vessel basins need a wall mounted basin mixer or tall mixer. Not all tap ware ranges include a vessel mixer. Also not all vessel mixers will be a suitable height for all basins.


Bathrooms Forestlakes 

Also known as a drop in basin, sit with the majority of the basin below the bench top, with a rim or lip covering the top cut out. These are most suited with standard basin mixers, which sit on the tap landing.

•   Cost effective basin and cost-effective to install.
•   High bench top

•   Can be hard to clean where the rim meets the bench top.
•   Adds no style or feature to the bathroom.
•  Limited in styles and shapes.


Bathrooms Canning Vale 

Also known as “under counter” basin are mounted underneath the bench top and are glued and sealed to the top for a flush and seamless finish. These are most suited with bench top mounted basin mixers or wall mounted basin mixers.

•  Seamless look that is easy to clean, especially when accompanied by a wall mounted basin mixer.
•   900 high bench top
•   Low maintenance

•   In combination with “U”shaped drawers below, a fascia of some kind is required. Either a mitred apron to the stone top or a false drawer below. Which may result in less storage space.
•  More expensive to install as they require more cutting and polishing of the stone top.

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