Twice The Protection

This quick article is  covering the double fixed shower panel. There are situations where for whatever reason functionality or style that the owners will want to have a corner shower with a door-less opening

Below is a renovation conducted in Fremantle, Western Australia that uses the two frame-less fixed panel set up. Its import for all bathroom renovations to be practical, sometimes shows like the block create rooms that look amazing but day in day out conventional use will cause a lot of issues down the track. The second panel add’s so much more protection and being frame-less is almost invisible that it does not make the room look to clattered.

Bathroom Renovation Fremantle

Above is the mentioned Fremantle bathroom renovation. The open screen protects the storage cupboard but also allows for easy access in and out of the room. The owners were elderly with wheel chair access required. Though not a massive opening they wanted something with no hob or a door that would leave them trapped inside.

Its always important to build your bathroom that meets your needs and not what someone else wants. Yes one day you could sell but in reality you maybe be there for 30 years so why renovate for someone who may or may not want a bath etc and renovate for the needs you have or a few years down the track. It’s your money and your house and no one should tell you otherwise.

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    • Thanks David

      Wish all the best for the rest of the year and hopefully you get us back to do that bathroom renovation next year

      Regards James

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