Bowling You Over

James i want a vanity bowl but what type do i want? I hear this every week but what’s the alternative. In 2016 you have a large variety but are they practical. This article will help you decided which type to pick from. Below are the three most common types that we install.

1. Top-mount basin
So the most commonly used basin in a bathroom, a top mount, commonly referred to as a drop in sink as the name suggests, is designed to sit on top of the bench.


  • Top-mount basins are suitable with pretty much any benchtop material including timber and laminate, as the cut out is completely covered by the basin and therefore doesn’t risk being damaged by water.
  • They are also less costly to install into a stone benchtop, because they don’t require laborious polishing of the cut out edges as with an under-mount basin.CONS:
  • You can’t wipe water and spills straight from the bench into the basin.
  • Too much choice can be a bad thing

Below is a bathroom renovation in roleystone that shows the top mounted bowl set up

Bathroom Renovation Roleystone

2. Under-mount basin
An under-mount basin is one that sits underneath the benchtop. The rim of the sink is fixed to the underside of the benchtop


  • This creates a very seamless, clean look, as less of the actual basin is visible. Another advantage is that water and spills can be wiped directly from the benchtop into the sink without any obstruction, making it a great, easy-to-clean addition to family bathrooms.
  • Creates a classy looking finishing giving your bathroom a wow factorCONS:
  • Under-mounting a basin will usually only be possible under a solid surface benchtop such as stone, and isn’t suitable with a laminate benchtop, as it can’t be sealed as well against moisture.
  • Unless already a pre made under-mounted basin the cost is quite high especially in Perth as stone mason charge between $300 to $450 per bowl to undermount


  • Below is a bathroom renovation taken place in canning vale that shows marble crema with rectangle under mounted bowl
    Bathroom Renovation Canning Vale

    5. Semi-recessed basin
    If your bathroom or ensuite has limited space, but you would still like some vanity cabinets below your basin for storage, then a semi-recessed basin might be the solution you need.


  • A semi-recessed basin sits proud at the front of cabinets, and the benchtop that it sits on, allowing you to have much shallower cabinets – maybe even as shallow as 300mm, depending on the basin you choose. This frees up valuable floor space. It also keeps a lot of the bench space free for your cosmetics and products.
  • Much like a pedestal basin, they are a good option for young children and people with limited mobility, as you can get closer to the basin to reach the tap without the obstruction of a benchtop and cabinets.CONS:
  • The storage space underneath is limited. Also, because there isn’t any benchtop around the front of the basin to catch water, splashes and spills onto the floor are more common, especially if you have children.Well that’s the three most common basins covered generally your professional renovator will advise you on all these but its important you see what you like


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