Hovering Like Magic

Wall-hung vanities are very popular in home design these days. With most things the more people see something on renovation shows the more they feel its the norm. Its best to always take the advice of the professional who is looking at your individual job


The wall hung vanities will make your bathroom look a lot bigger. well they at least maximize the illusion of increased space. They are especially great for small bathrooms because they save space. Since a wall-hug vanity is indeed hanging, you can use the space below for storage. Not only can they be customized to your needs, but they also make your bathroom look elegant. You save money also on the cabinet as there is less of it


With wall hung vanities if you are truly going for the seamless look the waste will need to be trenched into the wall. It is quite a hard process as generally the bricks are not always deep enough. If its a internal wall especially there is a high chance of damage to the wall on the other side. The other con is the loss of storage as you are losing a third to half the vanity. The last con is if you are lazy like me to get clean under the vanity it is quite a annoying job to clean.

All in all get something that suits your space not something you seen on TV and think it looks cool. Rooms over 4M wide dont need to be wall hung. We have done it so many times but it always feels like a loss more then a gain. In the smaller bathrooms the creation of space can be seen and that’s really where it shines. Below are the two examples of too big and just right.


On the Ball Bathrooms are Perth’s best bathroom renovation team adding value to your home.

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