Shower Baths – When You Can’t Say No


Shower baths are not everyone’s cup of tea (I’m trying to keep this on a liquid topic) but they have their advantages. In this post I will give you two examples on when a shower bath is the best option. A lot of people believe you need a bath for re sale value and depending on who you speak to they will swing you different ways but it’s important to renovate to the current need you have and not worry on whether your bath will make or break the sale of a $500,000 house. 

Bath 1.You Have No Space! It’s as simple as that. If you are not willing to have a bathroom without a bath, literally in the name then you will have to have a shower bath. Some rooms like the room below are literally too small to swing a cat but you can still create a beautiful looking bathrooms. It’s about taking a chance white on white will always look nice but never wow. I personally with always tell clients with limited space to create the wow factor to take away from the smallness of the room. 


Bath 2. We have 10 people living with us (Kids Boyfriends and Girlfriends All the Time) but we only have 1 toilet. Now how many people have had that scenario? It’s a common problems to so many of our clients. Now what’s the solution Do we move or do we work to the space we have?. Adding a toilet to a remove without on is one of the more costly additions to the renovation but you save on materials depending on how you approach it. The client below had a shower/bath/vanity which was okay but with a kid on the way and the 3 they already have they really needed an extra toilet and fast. By moving the shower to the window wall side and accessing the toilet externally and installing it into the room we have now created two toilets and not lost a thing, amazing if i don’t say myself. Now every bathroom is different but when you go to resell what would be worth more to you a shower on the floor or another toilet. 

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