The Lighter The Bigger


Honestly every man, women and rental owner tells me that they have a tiny bathroom. I hear it over and over again, the truth is the amount of light can make all the difference in the world. You can have the biggest bathroom but with a tiny amount of natural light it can look completely dull and small. So 2 things are important when it comes to redesigning your “small” bathroom 1. the window 2. tile selection . A neutral gloss tile can be crucial as it allows light to bounce around to room, its also one of the reasons i would recommenced tiling all the way to the ceiling. With the  window it can be changed to a glass block window which while giving you privacy it draws in so much light into the room making your walls feel like there three stories high. Also its important to note that any object at eye level can make your room feel closed in, if you have a frame less screen it can also add to that feeling of making a room feel bigger as old framed screens are sometimes all you can see . Overall maximize the space you have as you have to look at it every morning and every night and if you get that wrong it could be a dull life

The Layout – This 1970’s Camillo home was a classic Small Vanity, Small Shower and Small Bath, so to maximize the space we removed the bath and extended the vanity, its about getting the most out of the space you have, We also removed the old mesh wire window and replaced it with Savona glass block window to create maximum light.

Completion Time – 7 Working Days

Items – The items I have included are a

Vanity – 900mm Carra Vanity Full Set With China Top

Shower – 900mm x 2000mm Frameless Screen

Taps – Luxe Mixer Square

Shower Head –  Luxe Square Rainfall Combo

Tiles – Stratos 300mm x 400mm Bianch Wall and Stratos Grigo 300mm x 300mm

Boarder – Stratos Mix 50mm x 325mm

Mirror – Double Bevelled Mirror 900mm x 750mm

Drain – Stainless Steel Strip Drain 900mm

Window – Glass Block Savona Creama Trim


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