Two Times The Fun


I would say 90% of the time we only have one wall tile to lay on the walls. When I say one I of course meaning colour, a one tile bathroom would be very tiny. There’s nothing wrong with one tile selection for the walls it’s so hard to find a combination that works so when you come across a tile selection that creates this effect its quite rewarding to install. The Stratos range has 6 different tones all working within the same pattern but slightly different shades. The benefit of having the same patterns but similar tones is you can create a amazing look with minimal colour that sometimes can be risky but the payoff is worth it. It’s neutral but incredibly effective which is what I’m personally all about. Bathroom Renovations should be fun and rewarding when you create you should be proud of what you achieve

The Layout – This 1980’s Brookdale home has the classic single bathroom layout. It’s the Bath, Vanity, Shower all tight up against each other with no room to swing a cat. The clients didn’t want to move the layout they were trying to keep cost to a minimal but wanted to update and modernise the bathroom. So we took the main focal points such as the window and updated it with Glass Block Windows which has created this WOW effect. The real star of the room however is the Stratos Range, with the Velocity Steel Feature Boarder running through the centre. We start the base with the darker tile (Nero) half way up we divide the two with the Velocity Steel, which contains the (Bianco) throughout it. Second layer (Grigio) is then tiled to the ceiling creating the two toned effect that when you see in person blows you away. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes such as this bathroom great planning with a eye for design brings it all together.


Completion Time – 7 Working Days

Items – The items I have included are a

Vanity – 900mm Carra Vanity Full Set With China Top

Bath – Bricked Up Decona Bath With Shower Tred 1800mm

Shower – 900mm x 900mm Custom Made Semi Frameless Shower Screen

Taps – Esvillio Mixer Tap

Spout – Luxe Rainfall Spout

Shower Head –  Precision Shower Head

Tiles – Stratos 300mm x 400mm Grigio Wall . Stratos 300mm x 400mmx Nero and Stratos Nero 300mm x 300mm

Boarder – Velocity Steel 50mm x 325mm

Mirror – Bevelled Mirror 900mm x 750mm




381110_181833895240165_541573860_n 379647_181834921906729_2090755844_n 384542_181835168573371_436816193_n

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