Bathroom Renovation Trends For 2014

Image2014 is bringing new wave of renovators who are poised to spruce up their spaces. If you’re among them, you may be wondering what bathroom trends are on the horizon. Here we check out the hottest looks in bathrooms for 2014 and how you can get the look.

The 2014 Bathroom

Casual spaces are out and elegance is in. The 2014 bathroom is structured, simply stylish and with clean lines. It’s uncluttered, unfussy and thoughtfully planned. Japanese influences are also making waves – think minimalist mixed with interesting textured wallpaper, black tiles and grey or slate fixtures and fittings.

2014 Bathroom Colour Schemes

Design being a subjective thing, the jury is out on the hottest colour trends for interiors next year. But many are predicting colour will be noticeably absent. Instead, crisp whites, creams and pretty pastels will dominate. You could add a charcoal sink to the mix for a bold statement, but otherwise opt for classic white. Combined with minimalist features, this creates classic simplicity.

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