Old Fashion Archways

Archways were big in the 70’s and 80’s homes and  i’m sure at the time they were fashionable  but in 2014 it screams strange. In bathrooms in particular they are horrible to look out  . They aren’t generally big rooms to start with bathrooms so when you take half the eye line out with a item that adds no value to the room its ridiculous. Sharlene wanted to remove this wall as soon as possible. 9 times out of 10 they generally not structural so its okay to take down but first you must climb into the wall and check its a must!.


Layout – This Brick and Tile home built in 1975 is full to the brim with arch ways every hallway has one its overkill to the max . So when you arrive at the bathroom it no shock its staring straight at you. Its a huge room but looks tiny with this arch way covering the entire room blocking the light darkening a room, its important to note light makes the difference. First we removed it brick by brick you have to be careful you got from low to high. We then removed the tiny brick up bath and opened the whole room. We replaced its with a beautiful practical freestanding bath. Converted the vanity to wall hung to create space. Finally making the shower a walk in two fixed panel set up with the combo rail perfect for showering and cleaning.

Completion Time – 8 Working Days

Items – The items I have included are a

Vanity – 750mm Parker Grey Sparkle, Wall Hung All Draws With Round Top Mounted Bowl

Bath – Freestanding Alpine Mirage 1500mm round

Shower – Two frame less fixed panels

Taps – Luxe Mixer Tap

Spout – Luxe Square Swivel

Shower Head –  Storm Overhead Combo Shower Head

Tiles – Snow Velocity 300mm x 300mm and Floor 300mm x 600mm Snow Velocity

Boarder – 50mm x 300mm  x2 Velocity Steel

Drain – Strip Drain Stainless Steel 900mm

Mirror – Mirror Cabinet 600mm x 75omm

552383_367213786702174_1023156488_n 316715_345306725559547_493222577_n 733905_420855968004622_362382262_n

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