How Much To Renovate A Perth Bathroom?

I will keep this one short and brief. A bathroom renovation costs as much as you really want to spend. What I mean when I say that is when I first started out we would do quality renovations that would cost around $8000 to $12000 supply and install.

How Much To Renovate A Bathroom In Perth WA

When you are starting out you are trying to factor in what to charge to make a profit and to be able to cover every aspect of the bathroom renovation including trades, materials etc so you offer a quality job without losing money at the same time. The key is you also want to be sustainable at the same time so when you provide someone with a warranty for there renovation you are around to be able to guarantee it.

So this is where we come into how much to renovate a bathroom in Perth. It boils down to if you are talking about how much to renovate a bathroom supply and install or just install.

How Much Does A Bathroom Renovation Cost

Most small bathroom renovations or medium size bathroom renovations that have quality fittings will cost around $4000 to $7000 in materials depending on the level of custom made items and high end fittings you use.

The cost of labour for those bathroom renovations will be around the $9,000 to $12,000 mark. So you are looking at a quality bathroom renovation cost in Perth for around the $14,000 to $18,000 mark supply and install from my experience. Anything over is really factor of how much quality the materials are and it can definitely cost more by just adding a custom made vanity you could be talkings thousands more. There is also higher labour factors, wall removal, high level electrics or complicated second story renovations all add to a bathroom cost.

Bathroom Renovation Costs Australia

Anything lower, the supply and install costs above do not indicate that it will be a bad job they might be just starting out or might just have really low overheads.

As always you can save money on that bathroom renovation by doing it yourself and managing trades. The key to that is really putting in the time to research who you are getting and keeping all the trades in line with your vision.

So there you have a brief out line of what a bathroom renovation cost in Perth. This might be different to other places around Australia for how much a bathroom cost to renovate as every state has different requirements for a bathroom renovator so costs may vary.

Small Bathroom Renovations Perth

It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at

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