Horizontal Tiles V Vertical Tiles

Any tile that is rectangle in shape will lead you to a final question of which way do I want to lay them. I decided to break this down into two simple decisions Horizontal or Vertical. Most bathroom tiles we lay in our bathroom renovations throughout Perth, Western Australia are done Horizontal, why you may ask. Well most people like the feel of tiles laid horizontal I have found. Below I will break down these reasons though

Obviously laying tiles horizontally or vertically wouldn’t make any difference to the actual space of your bathroom. But, our mind is not always perfect in judging the size of a room. You can trick your mind into thinking that space is longer or higher than it really is.

Laying The Bathroom Tiles Vertically

You should always lay your bathroom tiles vertically when you are wanting to achieve height in a room. The best case scenario for laying vertical tiles is when you have a limited bathroom floor space but lots of walls.

The Block 2020_ Week 4 — Master ensuite reveal - Style Curator

It will visually open up the space, giving you the illusion that the bathroom is higher than it actually is. Keep in mind the grout joints are crucial in this as you can see below if it matches perfectly you cant really tell which way it’s laid.

The other key point to which way to lay tiles is borders or stripes draw your eyes to the flow of a room below is a bathroom renovation in Canning Vale, WA where the grey metal border is laid horizontal against a vertical wall tile as mentioned if you cant see the grout lines whatever dominates in tone will dictate the room

Below is the most popular vertical tile we lay. It is called laying a tile vertical stack bond. It is done in subway tiles or kit kat tiles to create an incredible feature wall

Small Bathroom Renovations Perth

Laying The Bathroom Walls Horizontal

Laying bathroom wall tiles horizontally is for when you want your space to look longer. If you have a limited floor space but a tall bathroom, you might like to choose this option. It will visually open up the bathrooms, giving you the illusion that space is wider and longer than it actually is. As mentioned before grout is crucial. The client opted for Horizontal bathroom wall tiling and the result add depth and length to the room. The most common horizonal tile is the subway tile or the offset stack bond like the below bathroom example.

Small Bathroom Renovations Tips

A Few Pro Tips

I often get asked the difference between gloss and matt tiles and generally everyone knows the basics of this, just from doing something as simple as painting a wall. Most of it is common sense but we try to deep dive into alternatives and modern techniques in tackling the age-old choice. Most bathroom renovations we do in Perth use i would say seventy percent gloss wall tiles and ninety percent matt floor tiles, this, however, is not 100% accurate but it is pretty close. Below we will give the best pros and cons of matt v gloss tiles. CLICK HERE OR THE IMAGE BELOW FOR THE FULL ARTICLE

Hobless (1)

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It’s important to note that all our advice is general in nature and all bathrooms are unique so always speak to your local qualified tradesman for the best advice. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation quote and live in Perth, Western Australia just email us at smallbathroomrenovations@gmail.com

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