Should I Have A Bath?

Lets be honest most of us are time-poor households, the idea of soaking away in a tub is just a fantasy. The real reality is its most likely will be somewhere to throw dirty laundry or that extra dusty section you need to clean. So, is it time to ditch the bath altogether, or could this be the wrong decision in the long term?. Let us help you with a few pros and cons and see if bathing is for you.


Resale Resale Resale. Having a bath gives your home the versatility that appeals to many different buyers when it comes to selling your home in the future. Some buyers won’t be interested in a home that doesn’t have a bath, particular families with young children or people who have dogs. Sonia wanted her bathroom renovation in Bibra Lake below to get rid of her drop in bath and incorporate a freestanding bath. Though it was a tight fit she will use the freestanding bath a lot more. In Perth which all these bathroom renovations are located, we have a high degree of our population in 4 x 2 homes.

It can have WOW Factor 

When you look at a freestanding bath you instantly love it. Even if you dont even use a bath the idea of the bath sometimes can make you euphoric. They look beautiful and its the main item you think of when you think of bathroom (It’s in our logo).

A bath gives you flexibility 

You may not always have the time for a long soak, but at least you will have that choice when the need. A relaxing bath can mentally and physically helpful when you have one at least the option is always there if the mood strikes.

My wife love them. 

This is purely me just stating the fact. My wife really loves bath its the first thing she looks for any hotel we stay at. The bathroom renovation in willetton below is an example of the wow factor.


We are in the era of Walk In Shower 

With the growing popularity of contemporary bathrooms with walk-in showers, baths can look antiquated compared with this clean, minimalist look. Waterproofed tiled floors and sleek glass screens are design features that encourage a sense of space in small bathrooms, while the ease of using a walk-in will help the busy morning rush, particularly if you fit twin showers for dual-washing.

Corner Free Standing Bath
Corner Free Standing Bath

A bath takes up space

Small bathrooms have limited space, a large tub usually a minimum of 1500mm x 750mm  can take up valuable space. On the flip side, a shower will only take up half the space, particularly if you opt for a wet room-style set up that allows your shower space to merge seamlessly with the rest of the scheme.

Beginners Guide To Small Bathrooms
Do I Need A Bath

Baths are not water or time friendly

We all know that feeling of waiting an hour for a bath to fill up and sometimes its not even warm. A shower is 5 minutes instantly in and back out in a world where we have less time a shower can often be the smart choice.

Do You Need A Bathtub for resale
Do You Need A Bathtub for resale


I have said it hundreds of time in different articles if you don’t use a bath don’t! have a bath. Now if you have three bathrooms and get rid of all the baths that’s unnecessary but if you don’t use it don’t dictate your future for what someone may or may not want. You renovate to enjoy what you have created not be upset by elements of it.

WANTING A BETTER AND BIGGER BREAKDOWN ON THE TOPIC – CLICK HERE or the imag below that asks if you you need a bath or not.

Do You Need a Bathtub

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