Black and White Bathrooms 2.0

We at on the ball bathrooms have done more black and white bathrooms then we have had a cheeky coffee from a nice client, Its a lot, we have had a lot but in 2017 there are modern variations of the classic black and white bathroom renovation. As mentioned in previous posts Perth WA is going to a black and white bathroom boom! With below-being examples and advice on the two types of trending bathroom renovations that brings black and white to the modern day.

Matte Black Fittings

2015 to 2017 are the year’s black bathroom tapware have been all the rage and does not seem to be letting up. What is the reason for this you might say, well besides the greater range we now have there is something about black tapware that can make a room pop!. The reality is it has a wow factor. I personally love marble tiles and when you combine that with the black tap ware it really sets off the look of classic and modern without being too extreme being it’s subtle but masculine. Black bathroom fittings adds a pop to the overly white bathrooms the combination of the brick fashion which is a federation style and matte black tapware create a traditional modern feel.

Black Pattern Floor

A patterned floor is an excellent complement to plain white or neutral tiles. Even in delicate colors themselves, they still pack a big interior punch that transforms the room instantly. Vintage, bohemian inspired tiles have been popular choices for bathroom floors over the past few years in both repeated and mixed pattern variations. A Patterned black floor can pop a white tile on the wall adding Depth to your black and white bathroom.

Matte black bathroom fittings and patterned decorative bathroom floors have made black and white bathrooms modern again. Let’s face it they are cool and we all love cool. Like all trends, Perth bathrooms will change to something new next year with the misshaped tiles becoming the latest trend. Like i have said before i love the new black and white bathrooms especially with marble incorporated but do you? Let us know in the comments below or if you are looking for a quote and live in Perth, Western Australia contact us on 0419964678 or email us at

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