Tiling Advice Style – Patterned Floor

Choosing the perfect floor tiling can be just as much of a minefield as choosing the wall tiling. However, as floor space is usually a lot smaller than wall space so you can often make a great impact for a lesser costing. With that said the decorative or patterned floor can be risky to do as it often will be the main feature of the room so we will deep dive below on the pros and cons of such a design.
A patterned floor is an excellent complement to plain white or neutral tiles. Even in delicate colors themselves, they still pack a big interior punch that transforms the room instantly. Vintage, bohemian inspired tiles have been popular choices for bathroom floors over the past few years in both repeated and mixed pattern variations.
Decorative Floor - On the Ball Bathrooms 
The two main pros of patterned floors are the wow factor and the cleanliness. The wow factor is how it sounds. When you see it like the bathroom we completed in Shelley, Western Australia below it adds something really special to an otherwise forgotten section of the bathroom renovation. Floors can be amazing done right. The other is how it always looks… the same!. It has such a pattern that your eyes are never drawn to marks or discoloured grout which can be great for anyone obsessed with cleaning.
Shelley Bathroom Renovations - On the Ball Bathrooms 
Shelley Bathrooms On the Ball Bathrooms 
The two main drawbacks with this style of floor are the risk and the cost. The cost can often be crazy high for some of these designs often in the hundreds of dollars a meter which even though it’s a small space you don’t want to be paying over a thousand dollars for 6m2 of flooring!. The other is pulling the trigger which is the hardest part. We all try to keep things as neutral as possible and it all comes down to resale value on that thought process so putting colour or something that one person might love is hard. If it’s done well it can only help your resale so take your time and do it right.
I have come around to this style of bathroom flooring but it does take some time and seeing some jobs done right. You can still have a pattern in a neutral tone if you want to be conservative but take your time I will say it again take your time on what you pick as you want people saying “WOW” for the right reasons.
Canning Vale Bathroom Renovations 

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