Tiling Trends In 2017

In Perth, we are currently being driven by the love of mid-century design that continues to influence interior design in all of Australia. The geometric form, the subway style, art decor floor or the timeless marble are the four most common tiling styles of 2017. Perth has exploded in 2017 with the choice of tile options we have now have available being the biggest ever below are examples of this with most of the bathroom renovations we do now use one of the 4 styles below.
Take the Metro or Subway
Just in case you managed to miss the tiling phenomenon over the past few years which is the metro tile, this and subway tiling is the name given to the beveled-edge tiles historically found in the metro, underground and subway stations the world over. Available in an assortment of colours and price ranges, this look still remains outstandingly popular. The tiles have now become a modern classic for both kitchens and bathrooms and can be seen everywhere from top luxury hotels in hipster restaurants.

Subway Tiles Perth - On the Ball Bathrooms

For those not wanting to follow the crowd and opt for the classic metro tile, more new ways of displaying them are popping up throughout the interior world, which is ideal if you are struggling to leave behind your love of the simple tile.  Arranging the tiles in a herringbone design adds a dash of pattern to any bathroom whilst staying true to the metro tileโ€™s industrial heritage. Whilst placing them vertically side by side as opposed to a layered brick effect, makes them look even more retro for those that love a 70s vibe.

Tiling Perth - On the Ball Bathrooms

Flooring With An Impact
Choosing the perfect floor tiling can be just as much of a minefield as choosing the wall tiling. However, as floor space is usually a lot smaller than wall space requiring tiling, flooring is far easier to replace than wall tiles. Because of this it could be more cost efficient to add more daring designs to your bathroom through the flooring which can be changed a few years down the line if your tastes change.We have seen boldly patterned floor tiles become increasingly popular in recent years and this trend is set to take off even more in 2017.


A patterned floor is an excellent complement to plain white or neutral tiles. Even in delicate colors themselves, they still pack a big interior punch that transforms the room instantly. Vintage, bohemian inspired tiles have been popular choices for bathroom floors over the past few years in both repeated and mixed pattern variations.
Maybe Go Geometric?
If you are looking to be daring with your wall tiles, a key bathroom tile trend of 2017 is geometrics. From repeated triangles and circles to hexagons and stars, simple geometric prints are stylish statements wherever placed and their crisp, clean look make them especially suited to bathrooms. Whether you opt for a geometric design which is soft or neutral in color or goes the full mile and infuse bright colours with the prints, geometrics are certain to brighten your mornings and evenings with their chic look.

Tiling Ideas Perth - On the Ball Bathrooms

Tiles Perth - On the Ball Bathrooms

Timeless Marble
Marble was a key interior material of 2016 and its popularity is showing no signs of slowing this year. Notoriously expensive, decking your bathroom out with real marble can be unrealistic for many but more and more bathroom brands are creating marble-look tiles making it a big bathroom tile trend for 2017. In many natural shades of fresh white, warm neutral and sleek black, the tiles are a modern take on the traditional wall to ceiling marble designs that historically graced top hotels and high-end homes and like concrete, marble also looks particularly elegant and contemporary mixed with metallic finishes.

Marble Tiles Perth - On the Ball Bathrooms


Marble Tiles Perth - On the Ball Bathrooms

So there you have the four most common tile trends of 2017. It’s important to note that these new designs can be complicated to tile or most costly to buy. It takes a strong person to take risks but after doing so many bathrooms over the years I have to tell you the risk definitely has a reward. You spend a lot of money so you want it to have a wow factor now I am not saying go for broke but pick a feature you love even if its just a feature wall and embrace it. You will love it more times then you don’t.

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