Practical tips for renovating your bathroom

Below are practical tips for your bathroom renovation.

  • Review the orientation of your bathroom layout and where the focal point is upon entering the room. Invest your time in this section
  • Pick your feature whether it is the chequered floor, glass bowls or mosaic wall it’s important to know your star and work around it


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  • If you have low water pressure ask for better fixtures to improve your use.
  • When supplying materials such as tiles always and I mean always order too many,  at least 10 to 15% if you run short it will cost you a lot more in the long run.
  • Install a timer in electrical towel racks and floor heating. This will save energy and ensure you don’t freeze in the mornings.
  • Ask what your goal for renovating is. This is important in working out how much you want to spend. One example of this is if you don’t have kids that use a bath don’t install a bath back. Renovate for your needs, not the needs of what someone may or may not want in the future even if you decide to sell.
  • Questions Questions Questions. Make sure ask non-stop questions anything you don’t understand regardless of how silly it is. You would rather ask too many questions at the start then find out you have something you don’t want once it’s done.
  • If you can afford it always add as much light as you can into the rooms whether a better window, skylight or downlights a dark room will always look like a dark room below is an example of a room with the same tiles but one has a downlight the other with a window under a patio


  • Use colour in places you can change. Have colourful towels or a painted feature wall, as colours can be very unique to an individual and as people, we can always change our mind so try to minimise those options to items you can change with relative ease

Try to renovate your bathroom in keeping with the overall design of your home. Waller encourages interior design that emphasises a narrative throughout the home, for example, in the joinery or colour scheme. It is not about replicating exact design features, but more about creating a design language for consistency and flow.

At on the ball bathrooms, we do our best to help you through the maze of bathroom renovations.

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Bathrooms Perth

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